Tokens of Gratitude – 2

There is always some more to be grateful for…. join me as we continue to give thanks for 2020.

Happy New Year 2021

  • Spiritual parents – Ps. Emma & Angela Okullo👏 for living their lives so exemplary that I desire to emulate aspects of it. Their love for each other and the people around them is one to look up to.
  • Missional Community (MC) family – The year begun while I was leading one (Mpenzi), then I went back to my mother MC (Umoja) and then was birthed into a new one (Jesus’ lovers) 😅 Just to say – We are a movement, don’t get too comfy but love genuinely all family members. There is connection that happens and you don’t feel left behind.
  • NGMP community💪 – I have had Accountability Partners, fellow ladies who dream big. Learning from each other and growing together for market place influence.
  • Mentor – Noeline Kirabo👏 has kept me(us) focused through assignments on the alumni group. she has been deliberate in ensuring this year doesn’t go wasted and indeed, my year hasn’t been wasted a single drop.
  • Strangers I met during Uber rides👋 – We all have something to learn from each other. These are entertaining in a way. You can read more about these in one of my blogs – Strangers
  • Entertainment – Radio in particular 💃. Throughout this year, I felt like I have someone to give me conversation all the time. The radio shows are quite something! Shout out to all radio presenters and to 96.6 Spirit Fm for the Saturday show with Lady Bizo.
  • Growth/progress in life this year.💪 – I have grown Spiritually, Intellectually, Financially and some relational wise. Who knew that 2020 would come with such opportunities of growth – only God.
  • Bucket list goals – I ticked off 2 things on my bucket list, went zip lining at Griffin falls – the longest zip line in Uganda and got myself a small ink mark on my body……hahaha💃💃. Those, I have been wanting to do for a long time and whoop…..2020 presented the chance.
  • My neighbor at home 👍 – Why I’m I being thankful for a guy who is almost never home? 😅 Regardless, I am thankful because he is my first personal neighbor. We also have good conversations when he is around home for like an hour…..hehehe (availability being based on waking hours not sleeping hours)
  • Technology/gadgets/electronics 💡 – Where would the world be without these life easers. I never refuse a gadget, as long as I know how to use it, just pass it over here, I’m the gadget girl. From headsets to washing machines, I love it all. Ps….Birthday presents’ tip.
  • Hope. 🙏 – It is the anchor upon which faith is built and love expressed. At some point this December, the enemy was trying to make me feel hopeless about the future but he failed. Keep hope alive in God at whatever cost.
  • Creativity – I express it through writing, coloring, and threading. Creativity is therapeutic in any way that you express yourself, as long as you are being creative. It is in our nature as humans to be creative. Always take out time to do what fuels your creativity.

Thank you for joining me on this thanksgiving journey. Keep safe, 2021 holds greater things in stock for you. Happy New Year……..


Tokens of Gratitude

  • Life – The breath of God inside me. To all those that have lost loved ones, may you find peace and hope amidst it all.
  • Divine health – I have not got covid or any terminal illness. To those that have healed from covid, we continue to declare divine health to you and healing from all terminal diseases.
  • Work – I still have a job through which I work for the Kingdom. To those that have lost their jobs, may God open new doors for you.
  • Workmates😊 – These people are there to share life with while at work. May bonds at work become better than just a mere phase of life.
  • Provision – I haven’t lacked a single day throughout the year. May abundance be each and everyone’s portion in their households and lives.
  • Family❤️❤️ – Let me just say, I love these humans forever even in another life, they will still be who they are- my family. I’m your typical family girl, it’s always about family.
  • My sister Lillian😚 – This is my God given guardian angel for life, my perfect replacement for a mother.
  • My nephews and nieces😙 – These little ones (not so little anymore) make my world go Merry.
  • Friends💞 – No name dropping because they are enough who I have enjoyed time with this year. Each friend brings and reveals a new aspect into my life that I enjoy, like and treasure dearly.
  • Mental health – Apart from being overwhelmed “not stressed or depressed” with a lot going on at some point this year (a transitioning), I have been happy and joyful all through.🙏 To those that have suffered any kind of mental illness or disorder or bad experience, I pray you are healed now and receive hope for better in 2021.
  • God, The Father, Son and Holy spirit – It is one thing to know God and yet another learning how to relate with God and experiencing each aspect of Him. It is a beautiful thing. Seek to know and experience God more in your life.
  • Worship Harvest Family❤️ – What would this year have been without this church family. Forever grateful, I’m well planted. Well done to all leaders in this church!
  • Apostle Moses Mukisa 🔥 – I have been privileged to learn directly from the Father of the House of Worship Harvest Ministries, this whole year. All I can say, he is an anointed man taking us places for the Kingdom of God.
  • Apostle Grace Lubega 🔥 – I have continued to learn from this great man of God since 2017 and all I can say is – deep calls unto deep! He has guided me into yearning for the deeper things of God.

Part two loading very soon, let’s continue giving thanks.


Tacking stock #2

2020 is coming to an end!!!! Hurray and what a wonder it has been.

I resolved to taking annual stocks because I find monthly stock taking a bit of a task and sincerely, some months are a blur to me and I keep wondering what happened along the four weeks. Hehehehe

So here I am with highlights of this precious year coming to an end. A year where humanity has been brought to it’s knees and opened our eyes to so many things and what lays ahead. Dig in and enjoy. I have(been);

Reading– Blogs, Articles on investments, and many inspirational & personal development books (NB: not self help books) and my highlights have been……. Live Love Lead by Brian Houston, The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma, Good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn, Command your morning by Cindy Trimm and The Secret place by Dale Fife. These are going to my re-read book list.

Learning – That it is okay not to have many friends “intimate close friends” in this case, embracing who I am and that I was made for more.

Listening – To Apostles Moses Mukisa and Grace Lubega among others preach powerful sermons since lock down. And also listening to uplifting soul music especially Overflow by Sinach, this has been my theme song all year. There hasn’t been a day I played it and it did not prophesy to me.

Known – The power of declarations. If it wasn’t for declarations over my life, I really don’t know how my year would have turned out. I think I will write about this one day….hopefully soon.

Wondering – At many things in life but mostly, what the new normal will look like when it has been fully cemented into our brains. (I’m watching one of those sci-fi tech movies in my head right now 😅)

Watching – Does wacthing “zoom webinars” sound right 😂😂 let me just say that ironically I haven’t watched that many movies or TV amidst having enormous lumps of time to myself under total lockdown. So, NSSF webinars and any financial related webinar I could land on has been my hook for gaining more financial knowledge as much as I could. Still on a learning journey.

Webinars – Tech is the engine for this new era!

Wearing – Yellow, Red and Blue most of the time. I now feel like a Ugandan political unifier…..Hehehehehe for some unknown reason, those colors have been on my weekly dresscode since January. I need a new wardrobe ASAP.

Wanting still – To own a car. No need to justify this as it is a need more than a want at this point in my life. Can you imagine I have carried on with this from last year…..surely God has to show up here.

The body shape is the deal.

Wishing – For a mega road trip around Uganda and To travel to all my dream destination places in this youthful life time I have left.

Started– Living alone 😉😉 I never knew that I would enjoy staying alone this much because the thought of it was far from my immediate desires but what do I know, God always knows better. Let me just say, my nest was cozy and this eaglet had to fly out.


FOMOs and Side Hustles

Here we are in the 21st century, generations X, Y and Z. What a beautiful time to be alive! All these generations are probably most familiar with the words FOMO and Side Hustles, if you don’t know and you belong to the above mentioned generations, child of God you are safe, so read on and find out what they are.

FOMO – Fear. Of. Missing. Out. We say this quite often but personally, I kicked this one out in June 2019 when I got revelation of how it ushers in some negativity and affects my feelings to be based on fear.

Side Hustles – Businesses started on the side to gain extra income if in formal employment or entirely a small start up business by someone who is going to do it full time. Recently in July 2020, I came to the eye opening realization that I did not like the word side hustles. Why?

Just to drive my two cents home, here is why. Most times we do take things lightly but for these two terms/words…….personally I’m done dealing lightly with them! Allow me explain.

If you have FOMO then that means you do not trust your choices or where God has led you in that particular moment. First and foremost it is characterised by fear! Fear is of the devil and Faith is of God….if you claim to have faith, then believe that there is nothing you are missing or have missed out because God will bring it to you in due season or it just wasn’t meant for you. When you fear missing out, this essentially means that you will be scattered all over the place with no priority to what really matters to you in the moment or season you have been planted in. I decided that fear can not be the drive of my life….. Child of God – you ought to disassociate with entertaining FOMO in your life, the peace thereafter will do you good.

Now, of Side Hustles, this is what I have to say – When I started disassociating with this term, I would feel my heart twitch each time I read or heard it, even worse if it was coming from a child of God. Just like FOMO, why should there be a hustle to what God has called you to do? If you truly believe that you are doing something you are passionate about, walking in purpose or simply living your everyday life for God’s glory, then I think hustling should not be part of your daily consumption routine.
Hustling in nature, the way I understand it, it involves the struggle of trying things out in your own effort all in vain. But on the other hand, some may argue that it is slang for hard work, but again, hustle is a word in the dictionary and it can not be termed as slang.

I do understand hardwork but not hustling. Hard work is good because we are encouraged to always work hard through diligence, perseverance and trusting that the works of our hands are not in vain because God blesses the works of our hands. By all means, believe that hustling is not for you, instead work hard in all you do and be smart about it too believing that He who began the good work in you is able to bring it to accomplishment.

Would love to hear your thoughts on FOMO and Side Hustles. Let’s not fear nor hustle!


Taking limits off yourself

We all have probably heard of the saying and preaching that says, take limits off God, don’t put him in a box, he is bigger than we can ever dream of, etc….. all in line with the same meaning, right? As a matter of fact, I really do enjoy sermons on such topics because they keep my mind constantly seeing God for what he truly is least I fall victim of seeing God too small for certain things in my life. It’s a good check point for me. He can do exceedingly above all that I could ever dream of!

So, there was a point I got stranded with what I was called to do in life and things to do with purpose and assignments in life and the seasons we go through. (Which I still occasionally keep questioning and refining by the way) Being human, I definitely began to doubt myself and whether I was really called to pursue such outrageous dreams which I felt so small to accomplish. Let alone the fact that at some point I was looking at my abilities to be able to qualify to achieve such dreams. The whole thought process was discouraging and like a friend once termed it…..I was about to settle for a mediocre life, first in my head and then eventually it would play out. There and then, I heard an instruction, “take limits off yourself.” I did not understand the meaning of that instruction because I never thought I could limit myself in any way because I was doing my best but little did I know that I wasn’t. In my actions, I probably was giving it my best, but in my thought life, I was limiting myself.

The thing is, taking limits off yourself may sound like something simple to any person. It may sound like, change your thought life, be a go-getter, you can do it, all that kind of talk, because honestly that’s what I thought to myself when I received my instruction but later on, as I dug deeper (now probably three months later since I received the instruction) I got to digest bits of what it means to take limits off myself and now here to share the little I have learned along the journey and I’m still learning.

It is true that taking limits of yourself will include positive vibes like – you can do it and you are a go-getter, aim higher and all that kind of language we are already familiar with but most importantly it has much to do with realizing your true nature and potential without anyone having to convince you into it, more like believing in your inner self (the spirit man) that has no limits to what he is capable of doing. It has something to do with releasing all your self consciousness of what people may say as long as you are doing the right thing that doesn’t cause anyone harm. It is coming to that point in life where you know you can do much better than you are offering and you are willing to let it all out. More like allowing the full force of the Holy Spirit to operate through you without restrain or holding back. (a picture of superman rising into the atmosphere with his chest all out 😁)

We have come to terms with taking limits off God but the next limitation lays within us – our will power and how far we are willing to exercise it fully. I know that many insecurities come into play and have largely contributed to self limiting realities, however, taking the baby steps towards taking limits off yourself is worthwhile. It will not be an overnight decision but the process is liberating. I guess the devil is not to blame for everything after all – you have a free will which you can use against yourself or for yourself. When we learn to take limits off ourselves, we realize that the sky didn’t limit the people that made the first rocket, neither should it be anyone’s limit ever!


Inspiration drawn from life’s journey.

All blogs are books.

Here is the thing, recently a friend got to read one of my blogs and got back to me in my inbox saying “you should write a book” I immediately became victim of my own words 😁 to my other friends I have been telling to write books after reading their blogs. In my case, I shunned it away (in my mind) wondering what book would come out of my blogs but I also promised him that I would give it a thought.

However, before he told me that I should write a book, in the past few days or so, I had been thinking of what kind of book I would write when I get to writing my first book and here I was being accelerated into the same direction by a friend who has no idea what I had been thinking about. Isn’t God such a divine orchestra of ideas and events?! To me that is one way of knowing He wants me to really give something my attention at the very least and He can do the rest.

I spent quite more time than usual reading some blogs this morning and it was an interesting thing getting into some of the bloggers’ minds and worlds – a small portion of it was all I needed for my mind to begin accelerating this morning. I now think and believe that all blogs are books waiting to be drawn out and presented to the world – not forgetting that it makes a good source of income. 😉

With that thought, cheers to all (bloggers) authors 📚 in making, I know we can make it. Readers are rising, as I once wrote about writters arising……my first blog.

Love ❤ Child.


I wonder what comes to your mind when you think of the word strangers. Does it excite you, scare you or you are simply indifferent waiting for whatever it brings your way? Well, lately I have found myself a bit more interested in strangers, something like a new hobby of meeting strangers. In the past before this new found hobby (could be short lived by the way) I was never fond of strangers, I never picked interest in anything to do with strangers – now wondering how I became friends to people in my life! I think it is the habit of having met them over and over in the same places of interest that we became friends but naturally I wouldn’t walk up to someone and strike up a conversation. So, what is it about strangers?This temporary new lifestyle of transportation of using ubers on a daily has been the biggest catalyst to changing my perspective and behavior around strangers. Thinking of all the various uber drivers I have had to meet every single day for 30 days straight and more while having to strike up conversations with some or when they strike a conversation with me and I have to engage if interested has opened up my mind to some possibilities in how we actually relate with people around us, especially strangers. Holding a substantial conversation with a stranger requires real interest in what is being discussed, otherwise, there will be a disconnect to that conversation.I have also realised that humans are generally interesting beings made in unique ways – those who are purpose driven in their work, however simple and those simply hustling it out to make ends meets without a clear goal in mind. (Don’t think I’m judging, this is picked from conversations with strangers 😅) Meeting strangers opens up your mind to view life from a different lense and possibly picking one or two things you can apply in to your own life. For example, from one conversation, I realised that with a car, I can be a strategic uber driver while still at my day job. This definately sorts out a bill on that budget.Meeting strangers is also another way to air out your views without minding about being judged in any way because strangers don’t care what you think unless it ignites them to think differently. This is not a ticket for one to meander off their morality or belief systems but one where the mind is set free just like I’m set free with a pen and paper (in this modern case with a gagdet and an app/website)I’m loving strangers and definately learning more about being open minded.Love ❤ Child

Embracing you

Many times I struggle between leaving ideas as quotes in my mind tracker….…………or expanding the idea into a blog. As I write this, I experienced the same struggle and leaving it as a quote is easy and exciting because it leaves the readers wondering the depth of what lingers in your mind. But after that, I thought that would be such a disservice to myself and those I desire to impact with my writing. Leaving certain ideas as quotes is good, especially if it brings the message home clearly but on today’s subject matter, I think we need to explore what this mind is up to.

Motivational speakers are fond of phrases like embrace who you are, follow your passion, believe in your inner self and many phrases that sound something like that. I have listened to a number of motivational speakers and indeed there is always a spark to get you thinking on the next move but not so much to get you into action. What gets you into action is a whole other aspect of life. One of them being – finding a mentor to drive you into action, among many other ways.

Today, I face a challenge so common to us all especially in this generation of being torn between embracing fully who you are and falling prey to what others think you should be or what they presumably persive you to be and we top it with icing of comparison. What a cancer! This right here is the cause of many of the mental struggles that hinder us from discovering and living out our diffent purposes and pursuing those purposes fully and live fulfilled. The kings of media have painted such a perfect picture for us and robbed us the reality of what we possibly can become when we truly embrace who we are individually.

Embracing who you are is a phrase we occasionally throw around like it’s something that happens overnight and boom……you wakeup having fully embraced who you are. No, that’s not the case as many of us have come to know, but the point is to understand, have we understood? Leadership has enormous lessons and my current lesson is, understanding what it really means to embrace who I am. Being a leader is one of those positions and roles you don’t run to with open arms because of the many dangers that await you the moment you accept the call to lead. The inevitable one being, the temptation to mold yourself into many versions of what people think you should be because of how the picture of leadership has been painted by predecessors and the community at large depending on the area or territory you have been called to lead in. There are different kinds of leaders in this global village and knowing which kind you are is an uphill task and embracing the kind that you are is yet another mountain to climb. Take the worthwhile tasks.

It’s been two decades and many years of me growing into the person that I am today and yet, here I am, still finding my way around embracing who I am. Knowing your purpose and what you are called to do in life are things we have been taught to discover over time but no body teaches you how to fully embrace who you are except you! It takes knowing what you want out of life and not allowing the limitations of other people’s perspective of you become a stumbling block on your journey. Knowing your character (temperament, strengths, weaknesses, love languages, etc) and what you are designed for through passions, skills, hobbies, dreams and vision is what will ultimately guide you into fully embracing you. Begin by freeing yourself from the imprisonment of what everyone else expects of you and learn who you are deep down and what makes you – you!

That being on the carnal side of the coin, knowing whose you are, where you belong, who called you and who you live for is the other side of the coin into embracing who you are fully. Knowing God and what it feels like to live for the audience of one in his presence alone gives you the boldness and confidence to be unapologetic while embracing yourself because if He dared to choose you, you too can dare to embrace you and find fulfillment in the life you are called to live. You are tailored for a specific, unique role that only your kind can accomplish, so let’s quit comparing ourselves to others and living up to other people’s expectations instead of our own and don’t sell yourself short.

Please don’t misunderstand this to be a vote for self reliance – we are communal beings but knowing yourself seperates you from all the other counterfeits we are slowly being molded into by the dynamic changes in our day today.

Love ❤ Child

Strong, Independent, Feminist – 3

Here goes the final piece of my three cents.

Having said snippets of what I have in my mind concerning Feminists and Independent women, I will finish well with stating what exactly needs to be addressed. Feminists and Independent women are forms of strong women that have emerged poorly to defend their case. Partly to blame are the failing systems that we humans create and also it’s our response towards the whole issue, which unfortunately accounts for the bigger percentage. We have been molded with a notion that we have to be aggressive rather than assertive in getting what we want, which shouldn’t be the case.

For strong women, these I can take eternity talking about if it were possible. They are everywhere we turn and if we care to notice that which is not so obvious to the eye. Naturally, I believe every woman is strong because only strong people are required for the position of help-mate. Who in their right mind calls on a weaker person to come help them for the rest of their lives? (The picture of a weaker person for a help mate is energy draining because all weight will only end up resting on one side rather than balancing out) To further think that God would go through the trouble of creating something weaker or insignificant to the male counterpart is absurd. Therefore, when we look at women, let’s see the unique strength embedded in her very nature yet not so obvious to the naked eye.

Strong people only call equally strong companions for help – let alone one that will last for life till death do you part 😉

Choose to look at feminists and “Independent women” as a misinterpretation of strength that constantly goes unnoticed. This is the original birthplace of the evil that is trying to seduce and lie to women that they ought to put up a fight against the male counterpart and claim gender equality, that will only breed competition and violence at the very worst when all gender struggles for the same thing. I’m reminded that our first call in life is in our genders, not what our heads can and cannot do.

The fight to seek recognition and appreciation of our true ability with the strength we have been given is what gets frustrating and has pushed some to the edge. (I pray they don’t fall off the cliff)

In doing so, may we focus on proving our ability in strength without having to put up a fight that so often turns offensive to the male counterpart. Many women have been there and have proved their ability over and over which has elevated them to the high tables of society without being offensive but rather admirable by all men. Being strong can only carry us through situations but it doesn’t necessarily provide the solution.

There is definately a lot more that can be said to these perspectives than I’m able to pen down but my satisfaction is in the fact that I have pened something down.

May we continue to dream, dare, envision, pursue, speak up, work hard and prove ourselves by adding value without having to put up a fight for what we think is rightfully ours but isn’t being given. Restore dignity to the woman by embrassing back your strength. Strength is what defines a woman, a true companion and help mate.

I am a strong woman!

This could have been a happy women’s day blog but oh well…..that is a wait I couldn’t afford. Thank you for staying the course!!! A three meal course.

Love ❤ Child

Strong, Independent, Feminist – 2

Welcome back for the second edition of this mind scratching write up.

Along feminists comes the common norm of “Independent women”. This particular one, I have fallen victim to some people’s perceptions which gets me annoyed most times. The word itself -Independent- has no problem, it’s how it’s used and how it is applied depending on the context, that gets me vexed up. Now is the time, I will speak up……atleast for myself if no one else agrees but hopfully I speak for many. I may sound a bit defensive but hear me out.

Indpendent women, as the generation has choosen to call many of us that have dared to look to God as our sole provider through many ways which largely include pursuing and excelling in the career call. I find that most women called “independent” are those in the corporate business world and those starting and running world changing organizations because they know the money games and they have dared to step into that game for worthwhile reasons and won’t settle for less than their value.

Being independent has it’s roots more in character make up than what meets the eye. The way many have been natured by parents, guardians and society at large has contributed to this norm and has brewed “Independent women”. But, at the end of the day, it’s not what truely defines that woman you call ”Ms Independent” because at the bottom of her very nature is a very dependant human (not in any bad way as needy) who longs to be set free to need & want but also allowed the freedom to meet her desires without having to “beg” or wait on someone if she can get it (if still sigle but if maried, please wait for consent). That mostly applies to materialistic things – like a gagdet lover that I am. To this many will view as self suffiecient which is not right, although most so called “independent women” use it as a tool for all the wrong reasons. (I smell attitude in this paragraph😁😁)

What many don’t realize is that there is no such thing as an independent woman, let alone a man. We are all communal dependant beings by nature. There will always be something that “independent woman” will need and has to depend on another to meet that need. Chasing dreams without someone there to love and guide you and hold you accountable through the ups and downs is a slippery road that many have reluctantly abundoned to those they deem “Independent”. May we not fall victim to the evil of only seeing what meets the eye, however high the wall maybe.

Don’t allow our strong charater to cloud your judgement of who we truely are! Find your true strength.

I am a strong woman, not “Ms Independent”.

Check out my upcoming final thought on this perception of Strong, Independent, Feminist.

Love ❤ Child

Strong, Independent, Feminist.

I never dreamed that a time would come when I would dare to open my mind and share my thoughts about a topic that has lingered on my heart for years. One that I have had to make better decisions least I’m misunderstood by society. As I continue to mature in mind, I realize I should outgrow what people may think and simply say what I have to say as long as my conscience is clear. Here are my three cents on certain perceptions;

So, this thing about Feminists has been around for a while now and many thoughts have lingered in my head as I have witnessed aquaintences and many other online people who claim to be feminists spill their guts out for their cause. In most cases, it hasn’t rubbed off well with our counterpart, the male being. In the start, I had no problem with feminists because I knew very little and never gave them much of my attention. Generally, I thought these dear women have been called to fight for a worthy cause and bring about a revolution in this era and that’s when I picked interest to know what they are all about. It didn’t take me long to learn of the negative impact on my mind that was being caused by their views and then I disengaged as fast as possible.

Feminists have their roots deep into self centeredness, self entitlement, self righteous, pride, offensiveness towards the male gender and let alone the gender equality uproar which I absolutely think is the wrong approach. (But what exactly do feminists want? I get confused many times) Please note that these same traits can turn up in anyone who is not a feminist because they are general human weaknesses but as of today, they are tagged to this particular matter.

When God lifted up women like Miriam, Deborah, Ruth, Esther and the many that supported Jesus’ ministry, they weren’t trying to fight for their fit in society like our today feminists, they were simply living out their lives’ purpose as called by God and the uplifting happened. Check them out through your own study, it’s an amazing trend of women who impacted their generation through God’s way – not in their own struggle to get a footing in society.

They pursued their rights like the daughters among the Israelites who claimed their inheritance and had huge dreams – to which many could have deemed as mens’ dreams only – but they dared to follow what God had deposited on the inside. They were strong women both in character and in body but never feminists. If you’re a feminist, find your true strength.

I am a strong woman, not a feminist!

Stay tuned for more from my unlocking mind.

Love ❤ Child

Curfew – catch up games

The easing or lifting of lockdown with curfew still in place has revealed another aspect of lifestyle that I never dreamt of and neither am I enjoying it. It was exciting getting back to work after two months but soon the realities of having to be home before 7pm set in with a heavy congestion of cars in every possible corner known to a homegirl.

It all starts with having to resume waking up at dawn (which has come off easy for me, thanks to Miracle morning book by……Harl….keep forgetting the author) because if you want to maximize your time at work, at least plan to be there early. Especially if your workplace is not a stone throw away from where you stay.

While at work, there is a battle between lettig go of your phone and actually starting to add value to yourself and the organization. Once you start working, then the race of the game begins with all the assignments that have piled up for two months plus and have to be finished in reasonable time according to the calender. But before you know it, it’s time to beat curfew by leaving work between 1pm to 3pm, not by choice but to cater for the heavy traffic that will drag on for some time or not, if you are lucky. It all comes with such unpredictability. 😵

On getting home, you find that you no longer know what to do with the remaining time because it’s not really a very productive time of the day but neither is it really night time. Let’s call this time limbo. Limbo has become a confusing time of the day that doesn’t belong to either lockdown or work.

You wonder whether to do some things you used to do during lockdown or continue with work, which doesn’t seem so healthy for the mind, to have scattered time not being utilized. This whole maneuvering between work and curfew is really mentally taxing on my side I must say, especially for a girl like me who enjoys predictable outcomes and having things move on a proper clock. (except for those out of my control)

So, one of those days I thought of doing something valuable during “limbo” and here we are with something to blog. I have categorized it under lockdown activity but the danger still remains that it’s not a definate time depending on the treatment one gets from traffic. All in the name of being on the right side of the law, I have had to play catch up games with work and curfew which have produced limbo, which doesn’t seem beneficial to me being torn in two worlds.

A new action plan is needed for this elusive undefined limbo time!

Love ❤ Child

Employer’s Watch

Have you had a chance to think about how life will be when we are all back at our work places and things “seem” to have resumed to normal. Will we hug, shake hands or simply greet each other from a distance. In my case, the latter is what was and will remain normal for professionalism to prevail.

The easing of total lockdown in Uganda has taken effect with allowing people to move in their personal cars not exceeding 3 people per car. This brought a thrill and happiness to my soul that was craving and almost grieving for physical human interaction with the rest of the world which didn’t include faces that had become attached to my daily sight seeing.😅😅

However, I’m here to warn or plead for employers about an unforeseen danger they will have to deal with from their employees who will now feel entitled to hold and remain glued to their phones for that daily meal of social media and online connection that the lockdown has been feeding them without restrictions. (Blame it on the future being technology based without a doubt)

In my case, I will admit that I somewhat got used to having my phone around me all the time for whatever reason for 2 months, breaking away from this norm to refocus on adding substantial value to my employer compared to the little work I have been engaged in while away, is now a new discipline I am to exercise.

Employers who have had their employees engage in some sort of work while physically away from their work places have had a test of who is able to deliver under self drive with little to no supervision at all. (The little supervision being simple deadlines set for these desired results) I think this will call for a new era of doing work 👌 where employers have to trust that even if I’m on my phone, thy work will get done in time 😅.

Also, result based employment is going to increase as opposed to time filling employment. “Sir/Ms , my work for today is done. May I leave at 1pm to engage in my other life?” 😃 (The kind of statement I envision telling my future employers or hearing from those I will be leading one day) I now understand how people in more developed countries manage to have more than one job – this used to bother my Ugandan molded mind but now, I clearly see it – value addition. (Manage your time)

Now comrades, may we save our leaders this trouble and focus on adding value rather than “occupying time” as a way of employment. I live to see this dream in the corporate business sector and soon we will be fully rewrded for value added and not time spent at work.

A Tale of Two months

Genuinely admitting, it all started like a joke because you know, we are Ugandans – happy loving people, so we made fun out of this whole thing believing it wouldn’t come nigh. I remember laughing so hard at each joke one of my collegues at work would read aloud from people’s statuses or sharings in various groups that was related to this whole situation (pandemic) that had engulfed the world. Mostly, people’s unseriousness paved way for all these jokes.
Needless to say, the jokes have never stopped, amidst a storm or crisis, laughter really becomes medicine for the heart. Live, Love, Lead and LAUGH OUT LOUD! The laughing subjects have changed a little over time but talented people know how to draw out good humor even from the worst of situations. God bless comedians!

As the days grew on us and the lockdown became a reality, there are things I have been able to draw out that will serve as reminders that surely we overcame this too.
On one of these quarantine days, I wondered and asked my elder sister “How was the liberation war in the 1980’s any different?” She belongs to that generation that experienced another kind of lockdown under worse circumstances (I pressume) than we face now. I mean, this was a war that left behind dead bodies on the streets, there were straying bullets across the city and rebels invading homes in search of their enemies. (Enough said, I’m no expert on what transpired then) Anyone who has lived in a war torn environment knows that there is more fear caused from fellow humans than a disease spread through human interraction.
They experienced a lockdown with uttermost fear of even stepping close to the windows once bullets started sounding and this leaves me wondering – they survived such a horrible situation, what now?

It was time for me to draw out some lessons from my rather new gained perspective;

1. God is always in control if only you choose to seek Him first in such trying times. When you choose to put God first intentionally and not just in passing, you give Him total control of the whole situation. Then you are guaranteed peace of mind amidst a storm. He is the only source of courage to press forward when you feel you can’t take it anymore.

2. Be selfless when you are strengthened. Reach out and touch a heart, you just may find your miracle therein. In the early days I called up a friend for a casual check up and to my surprise the conversation was so uplifting and unrelated to the current situation that I instead gained more strength. Reach out, don’t hold back.

3. We can do without a lot of things but not people – duh! You realise soon enough that most of the materialistic things have a limit but a home, family and friends are not up for trade. Singles, we shall be fine 😅….in due corse, we have the original families and close friends at least for interaction to keep sane.

4. Having my natural hair is a plus. The only category of people I envy right now are those with dreadlocks and I’m coming for you one day. Those with relaxed hair – I have no words because I have never gone down that road, just wondering how you are keeping up for two whole months – do share.

In love with my afro-hair for 5/15 years I have had it.

5. Having an open mind is essential for adjustment in lifestyle and keeping productive. At first I was disorganised and thrown off track because I am a routined kind of person, but by week 3, I soon gained insight, opened my eyes not to stagnate by engaging in different growth spaces online and keeping active with a new schedule in place.

6. With such a world wide hit, nothing is remaining the same. We will have to learn new skills and new ways of doing things around our day to day life. The sooner I get that registred in my head and begin planning on necessary adjustments, the better. I realized that I became more active on all my social media platforms and taking full advantage to relearn how some of these forgotten platforms operate and also learning how other new tools work (zoom, google meetings etc) because the future lies there.

7. The “normal” busy life (that is if you have an 8-5 job like me) has a way of sipping onto our creative time. Time we would rather have used to engage in things we enjoy doing and before you know it, a month has gone by or even a year of telling yourself to get time to write, read or do something that re-ignites the mind. In this period alone, I feel I have done more than my previous efforts. There is definately more thinking than doing time hence investing in my creative time should hold some more priority going forward. Our minds are assets not to be taken for granted!

8. Technology and the online life is the future but not the solution. I beg to differ but last I checked the whole world is now living online, there is so much traffic one can fail to take a breath. I personally had to learn early in lockdown to ceive the content I take in and how long I remain engaged online. I know this new way of life is detrimental to all human health but hey it ain’t going anywhere so the earlier we adjust and choose our priorities right the better chances of remaining sane and connected to what really matters – real human physical interaction.

Love ❤ Child

An Extract of Advice to self

Do you ever get a nudge to look back and reflect on what you have been writing for the past years, months or weeks or is it just me? I enjoy gathering up my old journals once in a while and simply looking back at some of the experiences I have recorded over the past years. Most times it is for self evaluation. It’s helpful to reflect on some of these things – least you stumble on your own advice!!!😊

Writing has always been a part of me since primary school, when we used to keep diaries. I remember making my first diary from pieces of paper plucked from an exercise book, I folded and stapled them into a tiny booklet I could easily hide from anyone to keep my “secrets” safe from prying eyes 😅 least they find their name mentioned in there somewhere. This is so hilarious…….growing up is good.

Fast forward to high school, on top of having a diary, we started using codes (self invented alphabet), now that the diaries were bigger and someone could stamble on it, you still had to maintain high level “secrecy” by using a code alphabet that only you can understand – atleast for the part that matters most in your writting or you risk not being able to read your own words 😁. Interestingly, I still have my code alphabet to date!

And now, since A’level, I matured to using a journal for what it’s really meant for – to record experiences, millstones, dreams, goals, poems too and advice to self!

Almost 3 years down and it still stands!!

Those are some of the things that don’t get to feature anywhere else to the public but this came as a shocker and had to share. Writing is self care for me.

Love ❤ Child

Quarantine series – continued

Glad having you back for an additional snippet into my quarantined world. Check out the first part here and dive in for the second part.

I am an alumni of New Generation Mentoring Program (NGMP ) run by Noeline Kirabo. This awesome mentor is adding value to us by giving us weekly or bi-weekly assignments that trigger the mind into a growth position. Such include; life maps (my favourite), professional biographies and the latest is core values. Growth is one of my core values so I don’t take these assignments lightly, hence continued growth in lockdown. Check out Noeline Kirabo’s youtube channel for more……….

My church – Worship Harvest Ministries is game on, hands down with online involvement during this season every single week. God has been preparing us for this season and the future hence forth since the year started. I can’t begin to fathom – just head over online and witness it for yourself (MC live, Garage online, Victory nite prayer, etc) This church was never on lockdown! Do not give up the habit of fellowshipping together……..

Some office work has featured here and there but not much to do since my current work requires me to physically be in office in order to get much done. Unfortunately, that office time was cut out in this season. I thank God for the gift of work! He will bless the works of our hands……

Resting, chilling and self care definately had to show up in my lockdown. Some of the these include sleeping (fortunately I have managed to control my desire for sleep by keeping it to 6 or 7 hours most of the time, otherwise, I’m  capable of 10 hrs of sleep 😁). Others are exercising, listening to music, having family time, and watching movies – not as much as I thought I would watch by the way. Just to mention, being online has seemed like a job in this lockdown with everyone jamming the streets, hence not really a chill in this case 😥 . (We thank the Lord for technology that keeps us connected and doing exploits). Rest is always necessary in order to remain productive………

Final but not least, cleaning, organizing and very minimal cooking 😏. I do enjoy cleaning and organizing things but cooking – not so much I dare to admit. I have cleaned and organized both physically and virtually (deleting unnecessary apps, pictures, videos and old messages that take up space, uploading important documents on my google drive, making lists of books I have read and those I plan to read etc) This has really been a good thing for me which has created some order (especially digital) and knowing where to find what, when I need it. Tedious things to do but worth every minute invested…….

The end……….. Love ❤ Child

Quarantine series – part one

A lot has been going on, so I thought, oh well, what best way to reflect back on this season than jotting it down. So a whole month has elapsed under total lockdown – well for the majority of us, it’s been so at the very least. One of the common questions I have asked some of my friends has been, what or how are you keeping active during this season? Some are chilling, others are working from home, for many it’s a mixture of things and the majority are really trying to put some productivity into all the time at their disposal. And here are the first 5 things I am or have been doing in this season of quarantine – lockdown – curfewntine!

Diving into the secret place with God like never before! This season presents us with time, what better place to invest my time in most than in God’s presence. I wasn’t  about to let this opportunity with a lot of time pass me by. Reading (analog & digital Bible), meditating (storing) and sowing (speaking) the word! That’s what I’m learning. Seek first the kingdom of God……

Learning to love on people in different ways. This required me to crawl out of my comfort zones. I had to call and text loved ones constantly to check on them. Spending time with my neighbors and knowing their business 😁. This whole thing has made me see how much we are able to think of others before self. For the greatest of these is love……

Being a blessing to those in need. Not all are well off in this period of lockdown, people are in need of food, financial needs to pay for utilities, even those with luxury needs got what they desired 😉 and encouragement needs (emotional needs) just to know that God cares and He is working through obedient and willing people to meet those needs. It’s more blessed to give than to receive…….

Reading books that I had stocked up since time memorial. When it comes to books, my first instinct is to hoard them 😁 then get into the reading part later on. This sometimes turns into months of telling myself to read my well stocked books. So, here came the perfect time to dig in and start reading and surely I will keep on with my resumed habit. Not forgetting those awesome blogs, I have been catching up on those too. Book list includes Live Love Lead by Brian Houston (this is an incredible book – it even made me scream and cry 😂) The Blessed life by Robert Morris (this one brought so much revelation to me I can’t tell you enough) So far those are my two reads in a month. The mind must be your most valued assest……

Well, I signed up for the love affair class with Agnes Kirabo. This is based on a teaching series called Defining the relationship by Danny silk. It is important to know how to love people right and this series helps one understand just how to do that. Bonus – Keep your love on by Danny Silk is an awesome book! Knowledge is power………

To be continued……. Love ❤ Child

Little Keeper – the journey

Over the past 2 years, I have purposed to walk on a journey of growth – mainly to understand what life entails when you go to the foundations of achieving a fulfufilled purposeful life. Many of us have big dreams of achieving things in life, we search all round us to find value in what we do to attain purpose and stay on course but life has never promised us such straight forward simplicity.

By nature, we humans are complicated beings and tend to complicate life even the more. God gave us free will and has blessed us with knowledge and creativity on how to maneuver through life around us, just enough to complicate things all by ourselves without seeking His wisdom on how to apply the knowledge and creativity he has blessed us with.

In August 2017, I attended a four months mentorship program for only ladies called New Generation Mentorship Program (NGMP) lead by Noeline Kirabo, an enthusiastic mentor, from whom I still willingly learn. Little did I know, that where my desire to be mentored took me would open up more doors into fully understanding what life entails.

Following into 2018, I signed up for a year long mentorship and discipleship program called Gang (cool name, right?) under Worship Harvest Ministries (WHM). These gangs are various depending on the branch location. My leaders were Emma and Angela Okullo(Mr & Mrs) who still are my leaders through my attachment to WHM. From this I was opened up to more challenging lessons in life, which I have come to appreciate now rather than when I was still undertaking the program 😊

It is from these two mentorship programs that I have opened up my mind to draw out the insurmountable inspiration that surrounds me. Basics were laid out for me to forge a reasonable foundation upon which I can begin the journey to finding my fulfilled purpose. For purpose is to be discovered both in the daily, exciting, mundane, monotonous life, through seasons we encounter and ultimately through the vision ahead that keeps you awake everyday of your life so you may see it manifest.

One of the things that keep me alive in this journey I walk is a little keeper, one who receives the daily, weekly and annual inspirations drawn from life’s journey. She receives the most original of thoughts drawn from the deepest part of my soul and allows me to lavish them on her for her to keep. It’s  not a diary (these belong to teenagers), it’s not a journal (these store far more complex things that happen in life – like real life events), it’s a little keeper (my own tiny mind tracker 😁). For sanity to continue, keep track of where your mind is, for it is the battlefield!

With time, I will reveal what she keeps, in the meantime, you just had to know about her origin – birthed on a journey of growth.

Love Child ❤

These times!

Occationally amazing ideas are birthed in me while in the shower!

Looking at the world now, I remain amazed at the ways of my God. In my comfort zone I wouldn’t have ever imagined a time such as this!
A time where leaders are called to show up on the front line more than ever before in their call to lead those entrusted to them by God under their leadership. A time where the need to act as a leader is on a high demand both perceively and actively. The demands unheard and those out rightly  spoken. The demand to come forth and lead!

I have come to realize or rather learn a few things from leading in this time of a pandemic. As we may all know, this pandemic has got the entire world on a wide alert to stay safe. There has been a spiritual awakening in this trying time, a social need more than ever and an economic break down. If you haven’t heard or seen what is happening around us, I suggest you take a trip back to Mars 😁

I am leading a Missional Community group (MC) from my church Worship Harvest Ministries. The essence of these MCs is to go on mission ministering the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to those closest to us – in our families, neighborhoods, work places, etc. These later become your inner most church family where needs can be met one on one through discipleship and celebrating life together.
Now, here I am leading this group of people in such a trying season where we are not able to meet physically for a whole month (depending on when different countries called for quarantine and lockdown) and neither is the church as a whole able to do so for the congregation at large!

Through leadership, I have come to the realization that such times call us out of our most comfortable places. Personally it is consistently having to check on all the people within my care. It may be easy to check up on a really good friend but doing that for more than 15 people requires me to shake my old self off and swim with the tides. This is also a good opportunity  to grow in leadership and relational skills, learning how to use the different media platforms available in this era like WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Zoom etc. All these are front lines for us as leaders to show up on and engage people in order to stay connected.

I now understand what it means and the value of enduring traffic with tiredness from work just to meet a loving group of people to fellowship together in the evening of the day. Getting out the house on a weekend you would much prefer to stay home just to connect with friends and family. Engaging in serving others before self is also much easier than the current situation where we are easily tempted to satisfy our own desires.

Having to remain at the front line of all the social media platforms is interestingly more demanding than enduring all those sacrifices and physically showing up to lead people. This battle ground is certainly good training ground for the future we are yet to face. Don’t waste the training season as a leader! Be your own leader and lessen the demand on those that are leading you in these trying times.

Such times call for resiliance, mental strength and most importantly remaining connected to those that are leading you or peers at the same level and above all connected to God. Arise leaders! The world needs you!

Love Child ❤

Taking stock #1

It’s been seconds! Not your traditional been a minute kind of girl, I like being different and, drawing inspiration from all round sources in life is what makes me different.
Now, as you can see my title speaks for itself but let me give you a little flash back to how I have finally got my guts to try out stock taking even though I may be the last person jumping onto this bus. For a while I read my good friend Racheal’s blogs about taking stock. Find them on her site here and I have always been amazed at how far she progresses. May I mention that she is my inspiration behind starting a blog!!!
Then one day I read a blog of Winnie Malinga (woman of God) at about her taking stock which was detailed to the dot with just enough to make you wonder what you are doing with your life. To say the list I was inspired to take stock but I still did not come through with that thought at the back of my mind.
I have since slept on the thought of taking stock and wondered how & why I should do it. My turn off was most people have done it, so I thought mine would not be any different but I’m reminded that we are all different and unique, so each stock taking is unique to that person. I promised myself to do one for the year and here I am. I have;
Read- Blogs, Articles, Seasons by Pastor M from Kenya (get yourself one), Love’s journey by Agnes N Kirabo, spiritual content on the youversion bible app and most importantly my physical hard copy bible. I had almost forgotten the essence and joy of flipping around pages in my bible, it makes bible study so much fun and impactful compared to reading a soft copy bible – I particularly like this one for version comparisons.
Learned(ing)- That leadership is wide, it varies from one person to another which sounds quite obvious, right? But anyhow, just because someone has the right leadership skills doesn’t necessarily mean that they can lead anywhere – ongoing personal experience. We are build for different environments to exercise our dynamic leadership skills as they are tailored to our uniqueness in character hence I’m now comfortable admitting that I can not lead in some given places of influence because I’m learning to identify exactly where I’m called to lead.
Listened(ing)- To beautiful spirit lifting music all year, specifically slow worship songs that took residence in my mind that I could wake up with songs playing in my mind. Sleeping to soothing music in the night. Learned a few new ones too like Toya by Tim Godfrey among others. More critically I have been intent on listening to God, what he is telling me in every moment and step of the way.
Known- That life in its complexity is worth living. Live it for God only and the rest will place themselves in line with that choice.
Wondered- What it will feel like seeing all my dreams come to pass. Which they will because even I don’t have a complete picture of what all my dreams are because I keep dreaming of better and greater things. Hahahaha! I love dreaming, both night and day, especially day dreaming because my mind is actively involved in creating what I desire.
Watched- Movies and a few series I had dozed off on. I like entertainment so movies are my go to source of entertainment especially Sci-Fi’s. Their unrealistic nature of people possessing super powers of all sorts is really funny and expands my imagination. Really entertaining. Watched my nephews and nieces grow so big.
Worn- Literally black and white in most forms if not all – plains, strips, poker dots, prints. I look back at my closet and wonder how I selected black and white for a choice without even knowing it. I can’t recall a single week to work where I did not wear black and white at least 2-3 times a week.
Wanted(ing)- To own a car. No need to justify this as it is a need more than a want at this point in my life where my public transport costs in a week equate to someone’s fuel consumption with a car.
Wished(ing)- To travel to all my dream destinations as listed on my bucket list for go to places in this youthful life time I have left.
Started- A thanksgiving journal!! I must say, this is one of the best choices I made this year. It is important to keep a thankful heart before God at all times in-spite of what life may throw at us. Even on really bad days where I struggled to see the good in the events of the day, I found something to be thankful for. The mundane nature of working on a routine can robe us of the joy of seeing life differently that’s why thanksgiving helps us see that hidden perspective in a daily routine.
Noticed- How fast life is moving. Is anyone else noticing this? Events literally just happen faster than I’m able to grasp the memory of it. Nephews and nieces growing up, friends getting married, peers having second babies 😕 and me joining the official late 20s club.
Travelled- To Kenya, Athi River on a bus for the first time to visit a dear loving friend Agnes N Kirabo. It was a learning point with a new experience which i enjoyed. A year without a good travel destination is one with a lost adventure.
There is definitely so much more that has happened in my life this year, I will pen-off here for preservation purposes. I can not exhaust it all but all in all, 2019 has been a year of growing in new perspectives and I pray that 2020 is so much more!