Being Single and “waiting”

It’s a Wednesday (never mind that I’m posting it days later) and I was in the process of pampering my beautiful mane with a deep wash when it finally hit home…. I had to blog about it!

Lovelies out there, how’u doing??? (In Wendy Williams’ voice) 😄😄

The topic above has been brewing on my mind for a while now, from the time I saw Anita Komukama’s book cover – Life in the single lane. I saw the cover when it was first published in 2020 and I automatically knew that it was a book I want to read. (Still waiting for my copy)

Then, in Dec 2021, the thought hit me again about this single and waiting thing….. You see, I have been waiting and really, waiting is good but I looked at my life and some of the “senior singles” I know and I started to wonder what they have to say about being single past a certain age for ladies. (Not disclosing some of my circle’s ages 😁)

Being African, and Ugandan in this era…. Marriage is somewhat a big deal and I really don’t want to sound “westernized” but let’s face the reality – our generation (millennials) and all that follow have been the most influenced by the Western culture compared to all past generations on the African continent and maybe elsewhere around the world, (Forming a one culture sort of thing) which has most likely informed much of our opinions on such matters.

Alright, so now, this thing called being single…… Out of influence, peer pressure, societal expectations, and even God’s timing – some have gotten married, others have gotten babies out of wedlock, others cohabiting, many heartbroken, while some are in 10year dating relationships since University and some like myself have stood the test of time and tried to make sense and a living out of all that surrounds being “single”.

You know, in church we are encouraged to stay single, pure while waiting for marriage than being in a wrong purposeless relationship. That’s a good gospel, my issue however is, now with this whole waiting thing. Single and “waiting”! Cheeii, I’m tired of that waiting part. Yes, tired of the waiting!

What I mean by that is, by adding the term waiting, many including myself, have at times instead put life (big plans, goals, desires and achievements) on hold while “waiting”. Yes, we are also taught in christian circles, what to do while we wait and make our lives meaningful and live with purpose, the list is endless……….

Look, I have been to those lovely singles’ gatherings and hangouts and fellowships and whatever name they give them (I attended one recently where I thought things were going to be different, only to my disapointment), I even once paid for a class taught by a Pastor friend with whom we had a conversation about something related. I don’t regret it at all because knowledge never stops when you are open to learning. At the time, I was so frustrated with too much information (TMI) which I wasn’t applying anywhere in any relationship for years and I was done.

Honestly, they have helped to a 50% extent but now, I want to look at the other 50%.
We need to understand or be taught another way to be single, completely, without the whole “waiting” thing which makes it seem like we are living our single lives for the moment we get married.
What does it mean to live my single life for me, I totally believe I will get married, but before that, what does it look like to be single, period!….. No waiting bla bla bla (please don’t go out there being reckless with your life, that’s not what I mean 😂).
What if marriage doesn’t happen for that lady whom you have told to wait. The Bible tell us that some are enuchs out of other people’s doing. (Matt 19:12) What do they do with the waiting part? Well, never lose hope, right?

By the way, it seems to me that there are more single ladies than men… Population had dictated that unfortunately, which has probably given some men the guarantee to waste ladies’ time because there is a big pool to pick from…….?! (Okay, I needed to rant that one out)

Can we start preaching a different gospel to singles…. A gospel of how to be single and live a fulfilled life without projecting marriage to the season of singleness. Can we let the Mr. show up when he has to show up but not ladies “waiting” for him to show up. I mention Mr. Because it’s the man’s job to look, search and find while presumably ladies have to wait.

To all my married friends and family, I love and celebrate you, I have heard marriage is a beautiful thing, enjoy while we also enjoy our singleness.

I’m not waiting for marriage anymore, I’m single and living a fulfilled life! I think my journey towards the 3rd floor has led to all this mind shift. Single and loving it. Let’s have some other fun activities for singles which doesn’t include telling us to wait for marriage or any attachment to it.
I know marriage is a union created by God for a purpose and I will let God’s purpose be fulfilled through me in whichever walk of life He leads me on as long as it is a fulfilled life in Christ!

There is so much I feel I have left out, but that’s the thing with blogging, you can barely bring out everything burning inside, yet not enough to write a book , Anita did that on our behalf, let’s read her book for more 😂

L❤️ve Child

Why get married early?

Now dear fellow ladies, looking at my own life as an example which does not speak for everyone, allow me use myself as the general case study.
My Pastor, now Apostle Moses Mukisa once told us in #Gang2018 that we have to get married early because the older we grow, the more we get set in our ways and the harder it becomes to adjust to living with another human being as a spouse. By then I was in my mid 20s and I paid much attention to that statement hoping it will never happen to me. Here we are – me, myself and I, still very happily single and waiting for “prince charming” .

As the year was coming to an end, I pondered on Apostle Mosze’s words and then I realized that the more I get set in my ways, the room of adjusting to a spouse whose ideas and ways will be different from mine grows smaller by the years.

For example there are simple things that we get set in our ways like the furniture we like, the gadgets and electronics we use around the home, the things we like and don’t want to ever do without around the house, we keep acquiring more “things”  that build onto our customized life while diminishing the space that will allow us to adjust to another person’s lifestyle.
Then we get set into more complex things like deciding the ideal area to live in depending on family, work, proximity to town and the way we generally make decisions and so on goes the complexity and before we realize it, we can’t tolerate another person’s opinion as an option. It all gets more self centered as opposed to adjusting and accommodating others in our lives.

Given all the above, those are some of the reasons I support young adults who choose to stay in their parents’ homes until they either get married or choose when to leave. There is no law against a 30 year old living at their parents’ home. Just a by the way note 🙃

So, what am I getting at here? Not all hope is lost, I mean getting married in your 40s+ is good (He who finds a wife finds a good thing) because God is faithful, getting married in your 30s is even better, although I believe getting married in your 20s is best because of the time left to mature and adjust your life while living with a spouse.

However, the grace of God is sufficient for all seasons of life. There is no rule of law here, like I said, this is based on my life experience and doesn’t pass for every one but one can pick the wisdom therein.
Above it all, God is ultimate, trust in him completely because he made you and his plans for you are to prosper you and not harm you, to give hope and a future!

Love ❤️ Child

Taking Stock #3

Fellow readers and bloggers, I salute you for completing yet another year by the grace of God. As it is a custom in my territory, I am here to rewind on what my 2021 looked like.

I haven’t been on these streets in like for ever but that doesn’t last forever because this art runs deep within me, that is journaling, writing and anything you may call it.
Now, of 2021, I had something in mind at the dawn of this decade. I wasn’t so thrilled about the new year but I was determined to accomplish one specific goal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to because life took a different turn and God had totally different plans for me from what I thought I needed. His plans are always for good, we only need to align with our words to his word.

It has been such a tough year and I will do my best recollect my experiences through the months………come rewind with me what 2021 has been like in my shoes.

January; I was hopeful and determined to take on a leadership class from Harvest Institute ie HI SOL. I embarked on the journey and was up to the challenge it presented. I encourage you to join next year, it’s worth it. 💪

February; Gaining momentum for the year, fully engaged in accomplishing my one goal for the year. Life presented a clear path for me in 2021. I was happy.😎

March; The unimaginable happened and my life took a sharp twist with the death of one of my elder brothers….find out about it here…. None the less, I continued to pursue my goal. It all seemed like a bad dream that wouldn’t go away.

April; The real nightmare started. The reality and magnitude of the responsibility my brother left on my shoulders started to weigh in. Fear gripped me like never before. Like I said, it was a nightmare but God carried me through. My life was in constant danger with threats from my enemies who wanted me dead because of my inheritance.

May; The battles became real, I was battling all sorts of things both spiritually and physically. I didn’t know what my life was about anymore except for the battles I was fighting. Take note, I was still engaged with my leadership classes.

June; Breath of fresh air amidst the storm, I changed my environment and shifted house because the environment around you matters so much when dealing with certain battles and storms around you. I regained focus of what I was dealing with. I needed the rest and the 2nd lockdown also happened.

July; The reawakening happened, God sent me a divine helper. We war was still on but the battles had taken a back seat until this helper saw to it that the battles be fought and won. It was strategy formation time! In this time, I started leading a Missional Community again as is a requirement for my leadership class at Harvest Institute.

August; It was the most draining month of the year, I was exhausted and wanted to give up on almost everything but giving up isn’t an option I was about to take. However, I had to let go of certain responsibilities that were also very demanding. Before I did that, I had school, leading an MC, handling company issues and my job, which were all very demanding on a constant. I was stretched to my limit and needed to rest.

September; It was time to let go and focus on one thing at a time, I dropped out of my leadership class and stepped down from leading an MC. I was then left with my job and dealing with resolving company issues. On and on we battled with the Lord as our defender making us victorious every step of the way.

October; All hell broke loose, it was stressful to the epitom. The company took a shaking of which we are still recovering from. My family is my biggest support given to me by God. Someone wanted me to be arrested concerning company issues but God being my Father, he was there to see me through it all. God is my vindicator!

November; Well, what I can say is, the bible states it clear that the enemy falls into the traps that he lays for us. Yes, the traps laid out for me started to take in their maker. Only God can do such a thing. I can smell my final victory closer than when we first began.

December; With God by my side, I have fought the battles and we have been victorious. The war is already won in Christ Jesus and I feel warn out. Momentarily, I have failed to dream or plan for next year. When I search my mind, it often bounces off a wall. Usually I have my new year’s calendar ready and filled in by mid December but this time round, my mind just can’t conjure what I desire/plan to do next year. I guess it will be a year of rest from this war once it’s completely over. This year’s experience has pointed me to look at the life of Christ and I found some solace in it all. There is still hope, I haven’t lost track of the vision and dreams God has entrusted me to carry.

Song of the year – Goodness of God by Jenn Johnson.

L❤ve Child


While growing up, in the 90s ofcourse (the best time to be a child😆), certain words like maturity were viewed as an insult (atleast amongst my peers) because all we desired to be was to be young and not mature, however, we all desired to grow up because we saw grown ups enjoy many benefits that were denied to youngsters like us back then.

Now that I have grown up, I have learned that maturity is a whole other side of the same coin. We all grow up but not all people mature……duh, I bet you knew that already 😛 but most poeple think they are mature yet that’s not always the case. I have only resently begun to mature myself, I was just an adult enjoying my life in the single lane, not yet on a double lane though but more life experiences have led to some maturity so far. Like increased responsibilities as I grow up.

I just realized I am going to tell you a bunch of facts about things that are so obvious so I lost my trail on this blog……😅😅

Meanwhile, I wrote this in July and forgot about it in my drafts……🙆🙆 then my reminder to blog went off and I decided to visit these streets once again and there we were seated in drafts…..

Stay tuned for more!!!



Somebody take me back to 2019. No, it wasn’t my best year yet, nothing magical happened there, wait a minute, actually I think something miraculous was happening there but I missed the memo. Something only I probably felt and was in my little hopeful wonderland yet the case was different on the other side of life altogether.

I missed the memo that what was happening in China then was going to be a world pandemic. That right there proves the word of God to be true, so it really shouldn’t be news to an awakened christian.

I missed the memo that I was soon to be disappointed to the point of heartbreak. Hmmmmm speaking of heartbreaks, emotions are good for a purpose but can also be very deceptive. Always question your emotions and use your brain and ask the Holy Spirit.

I missed the memo that my brother would pass on to another life. This was/is devastating but we learn to live on strong though broken, we still color the world around us.

I missed the memo that I would be left with a huge responsibility after his passing. There is nothing that matures a person in HD mode with rocket speed like responsibilities that fall on your shoulders literally overnight. Coming along with decisions that have the power to decide the fate of another human being……cheiii, I wonder how people get the courage to abort babies, I feel like I’m about to abort something myself.

I missed the memo that I would start a new life staying alone, a life of yey and ney. I like having family around me but I am not your biggest people person. Maybe I’m just home sick while 8kms away. I should probably walk there in this lockdown. I really miss home! (Don’t blame me for being the baby of the family, we never outgrow being adult mature babies 😂😂😂)

I missed the memo that lockdown would ever happen, let alone the second time, hopefully not the third time and that I would have two different experiences. A bitter sweet experience of sorts.

I missed the memo that life would change completely, although change is a constant we never pay attention to. I wonder why change mostly takes us by surprise and we tend to fight against the inevitable.

I missed all those memos from 2019 prior to today, but one memo I did not miss was to stand on God’s word, to spend time with him, to seek him more and more and to trust him through and through that he who began the good work in me will bring it to accomplishment and all things work together for my good.

I will “Never Give Up” “For a Bright Future!” (of schools and mottos) Take your children to schools that have some meaningful mottos…….😆😆 Till next blog friends…….


Awareness and Transformation

I really don’t want to go into dictionary meanings for those two words because Mr google is everyone’s best friend. Lately I have been pondering on the distinct difference of the two words even though I actually didn’t ask Mr google their meanings. I just know they are different according to my understanding and education.

So many people are aware of what is happening all around the world but unable to cause any transformation to the world around them. It is one thing to know so much about everything yet you can do nothing about what you know.

A few days back, a friend was telling me about all sorts of things that I was least concerned  about but because this person is my friend, I gave them a listening ear which I always do but they didn’t get my full attention, I think that is more like hearing and not listening. After that short conversation, to which I contributed very little, I was left wondering what all that awareness was for if I wasn’t going to do something about it.

Personally, I find it very frustrating with time when I gather so much information and I am unable to apply it in any area of my life at that moment. This reminds me of all the relationship talks, advice, conferences bla bla bla that I keep attending but never applying the gained knowledge, very frustrating at times but I know it will come in handy one day.

On the brighter side though, it is not bad to gain knowledge and gather information that you may apply some day, I simply prefer information I can apply in my daily life and not just wait for “some day”. Awareness that doesn’t lead to transformation is wasted information until you are able to use it. Get awareness and let it transform you and your environment.


The thing about blogging

Hello there, yes you are back and I’m happy to have you here…..
I have learned some tips from fellow bloggers and realized that it is good manners to great your audience before entertaining them with my ever growing life inspirations.

You see, if you are a little bit like me, inspiration mostly strikes me while I am in the shower. So, as I was taking my maiden bath today, my mind started speaking and could not leave me to enjoy the refreshing bath. I literally wanted to jump out and come here to just say something for your amusement or inspiration. Nway, off we go……

The thing about blogging is that it is where I find my voice clearest. As a growing leader, I find it terrifying to stand before multitudes and speak. Well, it’s not that I will never grow into that art of public speaking but while we are exercising how to overcome stage fright, this platform right here gives me a clear and loud voice. At least I don’t have to worry about prying sharp eyes that don’t kill. Yet while on stage, the eyes of the multitudes are scary even when many seem inspired by what you could be saying, but in the meantime, I prefer your eyes on my written words and not the movement of my lips, least I tremble and fall off the stage.

Basically, I find that these streets give a voice to those who don’t know how to speak yet. A chance to be heard and understood without being shown facial expressions of disapproval or being booed……hahahaha I just imagined the worst, never mind that it could actually happen or never. On here, the reader who disagrees simply moves on to the next room with a person they can agree with, without much haharing. I am also given a chance to express myself freely to the point of being naughty if I wish and on the other hand, you will also maintain the same image you have of me in your mind. That is the thing about blogging.

It is on days like these that I get to write in one hour what I could have written in months. I get to release many articles with ease what could have taken me longer but again, I get to post them later on to keep your company with me.


Trending words

In these days, it doesn’t take long or the slightest effort to really know what’s buzzing if you keep tabs with your social media feeds and friends, especially colleagues at work😁. That’s where the real news happens for me. Just come out of the cave and go online, then you will be enlightened at the slightest effort to search for information.

There are two words – Self care/love. They soon became the chorous of lockdown in 2020 and have maintained a decent note all the way into 2021.
Now, I’m a top encourager and practitioner of self care/love, but what it’s being turned into is what has brought me here. It has triggered my mind to defy the in-settling norm (by the way, I’m learning not to normalize things, nothing is normal as long as change is a constant)……thanks to Covid and all the mental awareness that comes with it!

Generally, I enjoy blogging about things that have to do with mindsets and things people are conforming to. You could check out some of my previous blogs like……#fear or concern, FOMO and side hustles, Never called to settle, Strong Independent feminist, among others to come.

Of self care/love……this is what I see happening. To begin with, self care/love is good and Biblically advised because we are instructed to “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” so basically without self care/love, it is difficult to love others as Jesus commanded us because you can not give from an empty cup. This is a time when you rejuvenate your spirit, soul and body in a positive manner while engaging in things that benefit in order to give back to others with positive impact.

On the other hand, this is what the world of canality has turned it into – self care/love being viewed as a time to indulge oneself in activities that only serve self and not others. Many are being told to carry on with activities that instead make them focus on the wrong things. Too much emphasis is being put on self which posses a danger of brewing selfishness and self centeredness within individuals. Some of these activities are not bad but too much indulging is never good to maintain focus on what matters most – worshipping God and serving others.

On a concluding note, I encourage you to take self care as a priority in  moderation while doing the right thing. Beware not to turn out self centered while self caring.


Human Complexities

I have to a certain point enjoyed acquiring knowledge of some of the complexities of human nature such as Temperaments (Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric) Love languages (Words of affirmation, Quality time, Touch, Gifts, Acts of service) Blood groups (A, B, AB, O) among countless human philosophies backed up by some facts in science that make people think that this is all true, well…..they are facts. Those top three have been my all time favorites but there is a difference between facts and truth…..with due respect to all research done out there tirelessly, the truth is never researched but rather known while facts are what people are always looking for tirelessly to validate their efforts and beliefs.

In a lifetime, I could never be able to exhaust all the things we have been made to believe in, even as Christians. These beliefs have largely contributed to our thought patterns and some people are now unable to unlearn the deception within human philosophies. This is majorly caused by the inability to counter the philosophies with the truth of God’s word and for others that have been able to do so are deemed ignorant by those spiritually ignorant. What am I driving at here?…..Let’s see

One thing I do believe is that God has given us knowledge to discover and accomplish many things which we are able to use in our era of technology and science and the same God has given humans knowledge to study and discover the scientific make up of countless things but the God who created it all can defy it’s make up and create a new thing all together. He doesn’t bow to his creation but his creation has to bow to him.

To unlearn such complexities, you need to dig deeper into the word of God and know the creator of all these things we seem to believe in. It is good to know these things but even better to know that God is above it all. The only temperament, love language and blood group you are to have is Christ!
He was melancholic when he withdrew to spend time alone with the father, sanguine when he went to the wedding at cannan, phlegmatic when he let the little children come to him, and choleric when he told Peter “get thee behind me satan”
He loved words of affirmation from the father when the angel came to comfort him, he definitely was a quality time person with his disciples, he was a person of touch when he sensed a touch from the bleeding woman, he received gifts at birth and when the Holy Spirit came down upon him, he served and was served when the prostitute washed his feet with her hair and perfume. Therefore, there is no better blood group than group C 😆

What I’m driving at here is that we humans have severely complicated our lives to the point of making it hard to live our lives with freedom in the truth and power of God’s word being elevated above our self created philosophies and limitations. Are we all created unique and different? Of course we are, although that shouldn’t make us create unnecessary boxes around our lives because in Christ we are one creation.


For such a time as this

The title probably got you thinking otherwise, it always comes along with vibrant vibes and somewhat good motivational speeches of how you are built for a time such as this. But what is that time anyway? I now wonder, except to fully trust and walk with God.

I have read, heard and seen a few friends at a distance experience the pain of losing a loved one and I really never placed myself in their shoes because I always thought I had had my fair share in childhood at the loss of both my parents by the time I was 6 years old. This was the last time I personally experienced a great loss (with exception to grandparents who lived their lives to see their great-grandchildren) in my life, I could say the same for my siblings and that marked a beautiful 22 years. Pause right there……..I’m not the kind to vent out feelings in a blog as you may already know if you have been reading my blogs.

Now, I lost my brother two months back and this was pain like no other, I never knew how much I loved my siblings until the passing of one of us. I was certain that we were all to live and grow old together……oh well……they all would have to grow old before I get old because that’s what being a last born comes with……some benefits 😄 This is not me trying to deal here if you are thinking this is how I deal with loss, no. This is me getting healed and facing the world after dealing with a big chunk of it.

For a moment, I needed activity to distract me from the reality of losing a brother-father figure in my life. I got engaged as much as I could (work, church and family…..meetings 😟) and soon the weight my brother left on my shoulders started to weigh in on me. Some of the results have been vivid like; I haven’t cooked a meal in my house in two months, haven’t been able to think and write a blog or the book I’m authoring in two months, haven’t had the slightest energy to properly take care of my afro-crown in two months (twists soon turning into dreadlocks) and I almost didn’t clean my house in two months but I found the energy to work on this one (I generally just came home to prepare for bed time, so there was nothing to clean) while other effects haven’t been so vivid but experiential in manner. I haven’t had appetite for almost anything in two months, constantly tired with less sleep, loss of weight and generally lack of interest in anything I have ever considered fun. Nothing made real sense except God for a time such as this!

At the dawn of May, I could see my victory coming through, I have started coming out of the shells, the battle is not yet won but I know God is fighting for me. The weight left on my shoulders still rages on but God is my weight lifter. I am not able to see the end from the beginning but the Alpha and Omega has seen it all.

The pain of lossing a loved one is worse than your own death. I don’t know if it ever heals especially when you have had a life time spent with the person. With my parents, I was still young to know such great pain but I know my older siblings hurt more than me for our parents because they experienced them more than me.

Live, Love, Laugh, and give your life to Christ by accepting him as Lord and Savior, this life is too short, YOLO!!!


Never called to SETTLE

Settling is a familiar word to humanity since the days of our forefathers and definitely during these times of modernization. Why don’t you settle? I just want to settle down and live my life. Those are some of the most common phrases or question we always ask our peers, friends, relatives and maybe ourselves too and I now realize that living life and settling shouldn’t be in the same sentence. How do you live and at the same time settle? Life is always in motion, hence not a characteristic of settling.

Most commonly, the word settling “in our generation” has been tagged to getting married and a few times to getting a comfy job you can grow old at. These two areas of our lives being the most important right after one’s salvation means that they are to be given priority. They have the ability to mislead or guide you into fulfilling your life’s assignment and purpose.

So, back to settling. Lately, maybe a few weeks back or a month, that word caught my inner attention – the kind of attention you give your own thoughts and decide to dig deeper, and the more attention I gave it, the more I started hearing people use the word settle down. (Talk about the power of the mind – As a man thinketh, so is he!)

When you think about the word settling, it has a connotation of one having arrived at their destination and all they need to do is settle in and there is nothing much left to do, but when you think about eternal life, there is nothing close to settling in heaven because there will always be ongoing work for the glory of the most high God. Allow me share my thought that settling will have a negative impact on anyone who thinks getting married or getting that dream job is a form of settling.

When you choose to settle in life, you don’t get anything accomplished, hence remaining mediocre and insignificant. Therefore, whether to  marry and/or pursue a career path, choose never to settle but instead be well rooted and keep advancing at every stage in life. We are not called to settle! This is yet another mind set I have chosen to depart from going forward.

If our creator God almighty is always at work, why would you want to settle?
PS; Settling is still a normal English word that we should use for the right reasons.😉


The Power of Words

You probably got that right, it’s that cliché sermon title that I’m going to write about, please tag along…..😁😁

As I was riding on a boda boda (this word made it to the dictionary by the way! 😂 just a hilarious reminder) amidst all the Kampala traffic jam and noise, my mind wondered off to ponder on the staff luncheon party at my workplace which we had just had. I was mesmerized at how my dearest kind employer takes off time each year to write a simple heartfelt note to all the 60+ employees. She does this with such precision, accuracy and with her heart! The reason why I can tell that, is because I am a words person -yep the words of affirmation girl is right here.

Words of appreciation

In that fuzzy boda moment, I reflected back on how much words have impacted my life and warmed my heart. Not to say that I let in all kinds of words because I can easily tell a heart felt word from one that has just rolled off the tongue or mind (for the case of written words) without any sentiment attached but instead written just for the sake of pleasing the ear and not the heart and most definitely negative words are instantly rejected.

When I think of words, I see the creative power behind them and how they actually touch the soul from miles away which physical contact can not do. We primarily use words for all human communication both written and spoken, God spoke the world into existence, He became the word, and His words had to be written so that they can come to life in our journey on earth both for guidance and instruction. Even when making a life commitment to share your life with someone, you use words to communicate your commitment to eachother. What power words hold!

Within the depth of my existence is a little girl who has kept all the high school chits, cards and letters written to me from my friends to-date, when I read those words, they warm my heart to know that in that season and chapter, I shared meaningful friendships with others which had  positive impacts on our lives. The words are there to prove and remind me of such beautiful times in life and I get to relive a moment when I reflect on such beautifully written words.

In life, we can never escape the power that words hold over us. Whether you consider them as one of your primary love language or not, that’s just a matter of nurture and not nature. Our nature is manifested in words, for that you will have to accept as truth.
I love words!!! What has been the impact of words in your life?

Words that melt my heart.


Self realizations of 2020………

As this year dawns on us the blessing of another decade, many have scripted resolutions and content creators have written about them. Unfortunatly for me, I am a simple ordinary girl who just enjoys the art and therapy that writing gives me to jot down extraordinary inspiration.

As 2020 went by and in came January which did not seem so much like a new year but hey…it is a new year either way, I was in a reflective mode and here goes some of the obvious once unrealized self realizations – thanks to 2020 that woke me up.

I really do enjoy solitude in doors and adventure in the wild. I realised that my mind opens up more when I’m in solitude indoors and my creativity is unlocked immensely mostly expressed through writing. Adventure feeds my soul with happiness and freedom to let my wild side out without a care of doubt.

I like dancing alot, dance hall & RnB are my favourite genres for dancing. It’s also a form of workout that I enjoy in the evenings after work. Turn up the music….. I’m always playing loud music. NB: I’m not a pro at dancing 😆

I like audio sermons more compared to video online sermons. For some reason I concentrate better with audio sermons if I’m not attending physically. Thanks to radio, I’m now hooked on audio sermons.

Entertainment of any form especially listening to radio is necessary for sanity when your most company is self. It keeps one going and gives a sense of company, nowonder the elderly love listening to radio all the time. I have a normal radio that I listen to, day in and day out while working chores around the house and it makes chores bareable.

I really do appreciate art especially nature and landscape drawings with color. I realized that though I may not be skilled at practicing it, I express it through coloring. I enjoy to color as the drawing speaks to me, calms my mind and the environment around me.

If I loved sun bathing before 2020, then I love it so much more. I have spent hours under the sun, simply sitting and letting it glaze upon this melanin filled body. Doctors say the sun rays are good for you, don’t ignore that advice between 9-11am.

I am a visionary person by nature I guess, but I have realized I live alot of my life in my head, is that even real. I can literally live in the future with just my mind at work, with every single detail and scenario played out. Imaginative powers are awesome. For this, I need to get out of my head and walk in more manifestation of these imaginations/visions.

This is really a bonus, I have spent 10 months with only 1 visit to the salon and my hair has remained unplaited since. Yikes! I really didn’t know that was possible even with my natural afro hair but well, that’s a pocket friendly achievement.

I believe we all have learnt or realized a few things about ourselves in the past eye opening year. Let’s share our stories with the community.


The birth of angiejournals

A journey well documented can easily be seen through another’s eye. That is an inspiration quote from my head just seconds ago as I thought of what to tell you about my blog or why I write. What is life and its journey if not to be shared with others and to learn from one another. I celebrated 3 years on wordpress……yippppiiiiii.

A love so untraceable yet inborn – is writing. It is one way I get to fully and openly express my heart to someone, although some expressions are never meant to be exposed on social media or anywhere on the web because of their sensitive nature. I may be chatty to some, but that doesn’t usually get out what is deeply seated and if no one asks, the paper will get the best of it. 😊

I have been jotting, writing and journaling as far back as I can remember (at age 10 most likely) and one day in 2010 while still in high school, I wrote down the words “angiejournals.” At that point it was clear that writing was part of me. Once upon a time, I wrote 3 fiction high school love stories or novels as we called them back then in 2007 but unfortunately a friend lost all my 3 books in one go (The kind of 96 exercise paged books that you attach together like we did with joint books of one subject 😁) and from that day forth I never found the zeal to engage in fiction writing or reading again. A long long time ago my heart got broken!


Then here I was 3 years later, having changed schools when joining A’level, I decided to continue journaling. The name or word angiejournals (as I viewed it back then)  is something I found myself scribbling at the front page of my journal in 2010. My blog now angiejournals is centred around drawing out from experiences that trigger a line of thought and then use that to inspire and share life with lovely souls drawn to the world of readers and writers hence my bio tagline “Inspiration from life’s journey”

I later got to know about blogging through my friend Racheal who had been in the community long before I ever knew blogs existed. I was simply wrapped up in my journals and the thought of never getting to share them with the world was becoming unhealthy for my passion. I’m still on the life long journey to growing and becoming a better writer from all the wisdom I draw out of each of your blogs that I read. Sometimes I get my triggers to write from reading other people’s blogs and relating it to my own life and boom….a blog is underway.

I enjoy reading blogs because I like seeing uniqueness in information from an individual’s mind which google can never offer you directly, one that I have to put an effort to in searching out the message. Blogs and books bear the minds of people to which there is no price enough to cage them.

I hope you draw inspiration from these blogs each time you pass by angiejournals!!!


Tokens of Gratitude – 2

There is always some more to be grateful for…. join me as we continue to give thanks for 2020.

Happy New Year 2021

  • Spiritual parents – Ps. Emma & Angela Okullo👏 for living their lives so exemplary that I desire to emulate aspects of it. Their love for each other and the people around them is one to look up to.
  • Missional Community (MC) family – The year begun while I was leading one (Mpenzi), then I went back to my mother MC (Umoja) and then was birthed into a new one (Jesus’ lovers) 😅 Just to say – We are a movement, don’t get too comfy but love genuinely all family members. There is connection that happens and you don’t feel left behind.
  • NGMP community💪 – I have had Accountability Partners, fellow ladies who dream big. Learning from each other and growing together for market place influence.
  • Mentor – Noeline Kirabo👏 has kept me(us) focused through assignments on the alumni group. she has been deliberate in ensuring this year doesn’t go wasted and indeed, my year hasn’t been wasted a single drop.
  • Strangers I met during Uber rides👋 – We all have something to learn from each other. These are entertaining in a way. You can read more about these in one of my blogs – Strangers
  • Entertainment – Radio in particular 💃. Throughout this year, I felt like I have someone to give me conversation all the time. The radio shows are quite something! Shout out to all radio presenters and to 96.6 Spirit Fm for the Saturday show with Lady Bizo.
  • Growth/progress in life this year.💪 – I have grown Spiritually, Intellectually, Financially and some relational wise. Who knew that 2020 would come with such opportunities of growth – only God.
  • Bucket list goals – I ticked off 2 things on my bucket list, went zip lining at Griffin falls – the longest zip line in Uganda and got myself a small ink mark on my body……hahaha💃💃. Those, I have been wanting to do for a long time and whoop…..2020 presented the chance.
  • My neighbor at home 👍 – Why I’m I being thankful for a guy who is almost never home? 😅 Regardless, I am thankful because he is my first personal neighbor. We also have good conversations when he is around home for like an hour…..hehehe (availability being based on waking hours not sleeping hours)
  • Technology/gadgets/electronics 💡 – Where would the world be without these life easers. I never refuse a gadget, as long as I know how to use it, just pass it over here, I’m the gadget girl. From headsets to washing machines, I love it all. Ps….Birthday presents’ tip.
  • Hope. 🙏 – It is the anchor upon which faith is built and love expressed. At some point this December, the enemy was trying to make me feel hopeless about the future but he failed. Keep hope alive in God at whatever cost.
  • Creativity – I express it through writing, coloring, and threading. Creativity is therapeutic in any way that you express yourself, as long as you are being creative. It is in our nature as humans to be creative. Always take out time to do what fuels your creativity.

Thank you for joining me on this thanksgiving journey. Keep safe, 2021 holds greater things in stock for you. Happy New Year……..


Tokens of Gratitude

  • Life – The breath of God inside me. To all those that have lost loved ones, may you find peace and hope amidst it all.
  • Divine health – I have not got covid or any terminal illness. To those that have healed from covid, we continue to declare divine health to you and healing from all terminal diseases.
  • Work – I still have a job through which I work for the Kingdom. To those that have lost their jobs, may God open new doors for you.
  • Workmates😊 – These people are there to share life with while at work. May bonds at work become better than just a mere phase of life.
  • Provision – I haven’t lacked a single day throughout the year. May abundance be each and everyone’s portion in their households and lives.
  • Family❤️❤️ – Let me just say, I love these humans forever even in another life, they will still be who they are- my family. I’m your typical family girl, it’s always about family.
  • My sister Lillian😚 – This is my God given guardian angel for life, my perfect replacement for a mother.
  • My nephews and nieces😙 – These little ones (not so little anymore) make my world go Merry.
  • Friends💞 – No name dropping because they are enough who I have enjoyed time with this year. Each friend brings and reveals a new aspect into my life that I enjoy, like and treasure dearly.
  • Mental health – Apart from being overwhelmed “not stressed or depressed” with a lot going on at some point this year (a transitioning), I have been happy and joyful all through.🙏 To those that have suffered any kind of mental illness or disorder or bad experience, I pray you are healed now and receive hope for better in 2021.
  • God, The Father, Son and Holy spirit – It is one thing to know God and yet another learning how to relate with God and experiencing each aspect of Him. It is a beautiful thing. Seek to know and experience God more in your life.
  • Worship Harvest Family❤️ – What would this year have been without this church family. Forever grateful, I’m well planted. Well done to all leaders in this church!
  • Apostle Moses Mukisa 🔥 – I have been privileged to learn directly from the Father of the House of Worship Harvest Ministries, this whole year. All I can say, he is an anointed man taking us places for the Kingdom of God.
  • Apostle Grace Lubega 🔥 – I have continued to learn from this great man of God since 2017 and all I can say is – deep calls unto deep! He has guided me into yearning for the deeper things of God.

Part two loading very soon, let’s continue giving thanks.


Tacking stock #2

2020 is coming to an end!!!! Hurray and what a wonder it has been.

I resolved to taking annual stocks because I find monthly stock taking a bit of a task and sincerely, some months are a blur to me and I keep wondering what happened along the four weeks. Hehehehe

So here I am with highlights of this precious year coming to an end. A year where humanity has been brought to it’s knees and opened our eyes to so many things and what lays ahead. Dig in and enjoy. I have(been);

Reading– Blogs, Articles on investments, and many inspirational & personal development books (NB: not self help books) and my highlights have been……. Live Love Lead by Brian Houston, The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma, Good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn, Command your morning by Cindy Trimm and The Secret place by Dale Fife. These are going to my re-read book list.

Learning – That it is okay not to have many friends “intimate close friends” in this case, embracing who I am and that I was made for more.

Listening – To Apostles Moses Mukisa and Grace Lubega among others preach powerful sermons since lock down. And also listening to uplifting soul music especially Overflow by Sinach, this has been my theme song all year. There hasn’t been a day I played it and it did not prophesy to me.

Known – The power of declarations. If it wasn’t for declarations over my life, I really don’t know how my year would have turned out. I think I will write about this one day….hopefully soon.

Wondering – At many things in life but mostly, what the new normal will look like when it has been fully cemented into our brains. (I’m watching one of those sci-fi tech movies in my head right now 😅)

Watching – Does wacthing “zoom webinars” sound right 😂😂 let me just say that ironically I haven’t watched that many movies or TV amidst having enormous lumps of time to myself under total lockdown. So, NSSF webinars and any financial related webinar I could land on has been my hook for gaining more financial knowledge as much as I could. Still on a learning journey.

Webinars – Tech is the engine for this new era!

Wearing – Yellow, Red and Blue most of the time. I now feel like a Ugandan political unifier…..Hehehehehe for some unknown reason, those colors have been on my weekly dresscode since January. I need a new wardrobe ASAP.

Wanting still – To own a car. No need to justify this as it is a need more than a want at this point in my life. Can you imagine I have carried on with this from last year…..surely God has to show up here.

The body shape is the deal.

Wishing – For a mega road trip around Uganda and To travel to all my dream destination places in this youthful life time I have left.

Started– Living alone 😉😉 I never knew that I would enjoy staying alone this much because the thought of it was far from my immediate desires but what do I know, God always knows better. Let me just say, my nest was cozy and this eaglet had to fly out.


FOMOs and Side Hustles

Here we are in the 21st century, generations X, Y and Z. What a beautiful time to be alive! All these generations are probably most familiar with the words FOMO and Side Hustles, if you don’t know and you belong to the above mentioned generations, child of God you are safe, so read on and find out what they are.

FOMO – Fear. Of. Missing. Out. We say this quite often but personally, I kicked this one out in June 2019 when I got revelation of how it ushers in some negativity and affects my feelings to be based on fear.

Side Hustles – Businesses started on the side to gain extra income if in formal employment or entirely a small start up business by someone who is going to do it full time. Recently in July 2020, I came to the eye opening realization that I did not like the word side hustles. Why?

Just to drive my two cents home, here is why. Most times we do take things lightly but for these two terms/words…….personally I’m done dealing lightly with them! Allow me explain.

If you have FOMO then that means you do not trust your choices or where God has led you in that particular moment. First and foremost it is characterised by fear! Fear is of the devil and Faith is of God….if you claim to have faith, then believe that there is nothing you are missing or have missed out because God will bring it to you in due season or it just wasn’t meant for you. When you fear missing out, this essentially means that you will be scattered all over the place with no priority to what really matters to you in the moment or season you have been planted in. I decided that fear can not be the drive of my life….. Child of God – you ought to disassociate with entertaining FOMO in your life, the peace thereafter will do you good.

Now, of Side Hustles, this is what I have to say – When I started disassociating with this term, I would feel my heart twitch each time I read or heard it, even worse if it was coming from a child of God. Just like FOMO, why should there be a hustle to what God has called you to do? If you truly believe that you are doing something you are passionate about, walking in purpose or simply living your everyday life for God’s glory, then I think hustling should not be part of your daily consumption routine.
Hustling in nature, the way I understand it, it involves the struggle of trying things out in your own effort all in vain. But on the other hand, some may argue that it is slang for hard work, but again, hustle is a word in the dictionary and it can not be termed as slang.

I do understand hardwork but not hustling. Hard work is good because we are encouraged to always work hard through diligence, perseverance and trusting that the works of our hands are not in vain because God blesses the works of our hands. By all means, believe that hustling is not for you, instead work hard in all you do and be smart about it too believing that He who began the good work in you is able to bring it to accomplishment.

Would love to hear your thoughts on FOMO and Side Hustles. Let’s not fear nor hustle!


Taking limits off yourself

We all have probably heard of the saying and preaching that says, take limits off God, don’t put him in a box, he is bigger than we can ever dream of, etc….. all in line with the same meaning, right? As a matter of fact, I really do enjoy sermons on such topics because they keep my mind constantly seeing God for what he truly is least I fall victim of seeing God too small for certain things in my life. It’s a good check point for me. He can do exceedingly above all that I could ever dream of!

So, there was a point I got stranded with what I was called to do in life and things to do with purpose and assignments in life and the seasons we go through. (Which I still occasionally keep questioning and refining by the way) Being human, I definitely began to doubt myself and whether I was really called to pursue such outrageous dreams which I felt so small to accomplish. Let alone the fact that at some point I was looking at my abilities to be able to qualify to achieve such dreams. The whole thought process was discouraging and like a friend once termed it…..I was about to settle for a mediocre life, first in my head and then eventually it would play out. There and then, I heard an instruction, “take limits off yourself.” I did not understand the meaning of that instruction because I never thought I could limit myself in any way because I was doing my best but little did I know that I wasn’t. In my actions, I probably was giving it my best, but in my thought life, I was limiting myself.

The thing is, taking limits off yourself may sound like something simple to any person. It may sound like, change your thought life, be a go-getter, you can do it, all that kind of talk, because honestly that’s what I thought to myself when I received my instruction but later on, as I dug deeper (now probably three months later since I received the instruction) I got to digest bits of what it means to take limits off myself and now here to share the little I have learned along the journey and I’m still learning.

It is true that taking limits of yourself will include positive vibes like – you can do it and you are a go-getter, aim higher and all that kind of language we are already familiar with but most importantly it has much to do with realizing your true nature and potential without anyone having to convince you into it, more like believing in your inner self (the spirit man) that has no limits to what he is capable of doing. It has something to do with releasing all your self consciousness of what people may say as long as you are doing the right thing that doesn’t cause anyone harm. It is coming to that point in life where you know you can do much better than you are offering and you are willing to let it all out. More like allowing the full force of the Holy Spirit to operate through you without restrain or holding back. (a picture of superman rising into the atmosphere with his chest all out 😁)

We have come to terms with taking limits off God but the next limitation lays within us – our will power and how far we are willing to exercise it fully. I know that many insecurities come into play and have largely contributed to self limiting realities, however, taking the baby steps towards taking limits off yourself is worthwhile. It will not be an overnight decision but the process is liberating. I guess the devil is not to blame for everything after all – you have a free will which you can use against yourself or for yourself. When we learn to take limits off ourselves, we realize that the sky didn’t limit the people that made the first rocket, neither should it be anyone’s limit ever!


Inspiration drawn from life’s journey.