Writers arising

There was a well known saying that ”if you want to hide anything from an African (read Ugandan) hide it in a book”. What that really meant was that our reading culture was so poor. I wonder if that is the major thing that has kept us under – developed compared to other continents and countries.

Anyhow there is good news from what I see. There is a movement and revival of writers arising. Everyone can write because we all have stories to tell and something to teach one another but not everyone has the passion or skill to write. That is why not everyone writes. Education is the answer to most of our writing incapabilities. If people in villages were able to write books, I wonder how much we would be learning from one another.

From my church, harvest institute is one of the platforms that are raising writers and leaders in uganda. To me it’s like a dream come true, you can’t be a writer without being a reader. Simply to mean that our reading culture is taking a leap day by day and nothing will be hidden from us any longer. I see a community that is getting transformed every single day and that is something to celebrate.

Let’s embark on this journey.

One comment

  1. Miss.Kizza · April 12, 2018

    I am coming to borrow your books soooooooon


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