Places and Environments.

Places and environments.

Have you ever wondered how two people live in the same exact location but have totally different lifestyles and results for their lives. Atleast I do wonder about it all the time. When we speak of neighborhoods like kololo, muyenga, luzira, Naalya, bugolobi, and many I may not exhaust- what comes to my mind is posh homes and well to do citizens.

What we have to understand is that those are places. It’s the people that live there that determine the kind of environment they desire to see. Meanwhile, they could have neighbors that have a totally laid back mindset that would create an otherwise different environment.

What I am learning is that anyone can be in a place, but it takes a mindset to create an environment. A place is physical while an environment is not necessarily physical in this aspect – it’s more of an atmosphere that we choose to create. This brings me the next question.

What is your environment? Does it motivate you, built you, release creativity within you? When we change our environments, there is a physical aspect that comes with it. Success does not dwell in ramshackled places. The places we choose to settle in must match our environments. In most cases we may need to change our environment in line with changing our current places if we are to live a fulfilling life.

Move or create a better environment for yourself in order to grow.

One comment

  1. Miss.Kizza · April 12, 2018

    Truth. If we are paupers within,we shall create a poverty environment.

    I love that your articles are short and straight to the point.


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