Weakness of humanity

Yes, dah….humanity has very many weaknesses and we can mention them endlessly. However, there is a weakness that I figured plays in our advantage when mean people are in positions of authority. There is no single person that can be an exact replica of another-in this case character wise, from identical twins to a father who deligently grooms his son to be exactly like him, that son will not turn out exactly like his father. Even Napoleon, Hitler, Osama B and the like had sons(if they did anyway) but none turned out exactly like their fathers, probably the reason why we never hear of the second return of similar acts like their fathers did.

You must be wondering what this weakness is, it’s our uniqueness in every person created that turns into a weakness for a good cause, otherwise we would be hearing of re-occuring scenarios of terrible acts carried out by sons replicating what their fathers taught them. Well, yes, fathers do pass on something to their sons but their sons never play the role exactly as their fathers did – uniqueness.

We are all unique!!!!!!

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