The unseen

The mind is one of the unseen things that fascinate me. Come think about it, you can not see it, touch it nor feel it but you can perceive it through speech, written words and other expressions of the body.

I read a book by Joyce Meyer- battlefield of the mind and it revolutionized how I began to consider minding my mind. From this book, Joyce talks about so many things but the main message is, you have the power to transform your mind and begin seeing positive results. (Planning on rereading this book).

From what I have learnt, the mind is one of the most powerful tools anyone has got, it has the power to attract what it meditates upon….huh! That shocked me the first time I heard it. Those who have mastered the art of controlling the mind- theirs or others’ have become the influencing moguls of today and on the other hand rebels are those who refuse their minds to be manipulated contrary to what they believe in. All this is done from the unseen mind.

Least you get confused, when I speak of the mind, I do not mean the brain. The bible talks about us – born again Christians having the mind of Christ. How can one have the mind of Christ if he is not physically with you – unseen. I am beginning to understand the power that lies in the unseen because the creator of the universe saw and still sees much in the unseen state from our view point.

Love child.

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