So, yesterday I sat in a taxi which was headed to one of the suburbs in Kampala and as the taxi filled up. There was a passenger who said. “There is an empty seat with bags next to me and here we are ready to set off.” The owner had left her bags in the taxi and went off to buy things in the market. Now here I am relating it to the mindset that people have of laxity. In this day and age especially in my country, how does one abandon their bags amidst strangers on a boarding taxi? Eventually, the taxi conductor had to remove the lady’s bags and let a ready passenger board and off we went.

Then today, I was getting my yellow fever vaccine and came in a young lady who needed help. She wanted her card replaced because of an expired passport. The nurses who were working on us could not agree on the amount to charge her, one said 30k another said 80k. After that mini confusion, they told the young lady to pay 30k. The other nurse who wanted 80k said, but we could charge 80k if we want. That raised my eyebrows- mindsets. This is a typical example of corruption, however what is the policy at the hospital. I left of wondering about what our society is turning into.

How is it that we let our minds get so deceived about our surrounding and at the end of the day, nobody gains.

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