Discoveries of the mind – learning

This it what I am beginning to understand about talents, calling and purpose.
First, as we may all know talent is something you are good at, e.g am good at administrative work, it’s what I studied and I love it – basically let’s call it career.
Second is calling. I believe we can be called multiple times to do various things at different stages of our lives. At a point in time, you may be called to be a full time mom to take care of your little children but that may last for a season or you may choose to take it on full time. But that doesn’t take away your talent which you can still perform while at your calling from home. Ultimately, if you are a born again christian like me, then our ultimate calling in life is to always fellowship with our Father in heaven.
Lastly, purpose. This has had my mind puzzled for years since I started out on the journey to discover it. I remember one time posting on my Facebook wall that I had finally found a lifetime reason to wake up every morning but when I look back at that post, truthfully I don’t even remember what that was all about. So what exactly is purpose? In my understanding that has been adopted in the past few months from NGMP and Gang, I believe it to be the driving force behind all that you do – niche – the closest technical word I can use to describe purpose.
Here is the example, I am an administrator, probably called in the season to be a wife (unfortunately when this calling takes shape, it’s for a lifetime, but like I mentioned earlier, others can be for a specific time) and guess what my purpose is in all this – INSPIRATION. I have come to realize that I enjoy inspiring people in whatever way to live out their best potential in life. I find myself at work talking to my colleagues about what and how they will achieve their dreams, the end goal or vision they have for their lives. I never want to see them stagnant. I desire to inspire and guide people into living out their full potentials.
Now here is the other thing to note. Can someone’s talent, calling and purpose be all in one thing? I don’t think so but I encourage you to take the journey and discover the true answer for yourself. All the above take time. I did not wake up good at administration, I had to practice it. I will not make myself a wife, someone has to marry me and definately it has taken me a long time, about 5 years to conclude on such a purpose.

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