Compliments. A while back at university, I decided to wear a red dress top. It was examination time and we were waiting outside to be checked in when a friend and classmate complimented me. He said “you really look good in red” to keep in mind that red is not even my best color…purple and green are. I thanked him and that was it. Back then four years ago, I did not realise the enormous weight it impacted on me, since then I simply love red and always assured that I look good when I put it on.

Most lads say red looks good on every girl….that I can’t justify but all I know is that the compliment made me aware of the color’s impact. From then onwards, I have received various complements everytime I wear something red. Let’s give more compliments to one another, it may change someone’s life more than you think.

Lovechild the king’s Daughter.

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