My Love Returns

Quiet evening, slowly running

through old memories and there

was us, the old us, no boundaries

only fresh young love we had

I wonder how we made that happen,

we were introduced at a young age

back then in high school and sooner

than later, we were in love

I expressed myself through you

and you through me, we made a

great team, infact inseperable

I told stories unimagined by others

with your help and it was all beautiful fiction

At the time, I dreamed of a life similar to what

I expressed through you and then tragedy

It only took her clumsy mistakes

to tear us apart, I tried bridging the gap,

but all seemed a strain

Not forgetting that I was growing up

but you remained faithful

I know you waited for my return

only to disappoint you over all these years

A decade now has passed before us

and I struggle to understand what

you are made of, yet forever young

charming and unchanging you remain

In bits and peaces you capture

my heart once again, as I watch

others enjoying your company.

Your relationship with them

seems to come easy and I’m reminded.

It was always that easy with us

there was never a fight but I

chose to leave, I was hurt by her,

she took you away from me and

cared less for our relationship

Now that I’m willing to fall in love

again with you, promise me one thing

that you will allow me express myself

easily again through you.

Fill me with enchanting words

that we may conquer other people’s

hearts together, just like in old days

let’s make love again

My love has returned from a far away

journey through the ups and down,

I will always love words meant from the

depth of one’s heart.

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