The entitled generation

This, we all know and have heard over and over from those seemingly older than us (speaking for mid 20 year olds and below) though I think 30 year olds should be included as well. That having been said….let’s embark on talking about the entitled generation. Now, the older generation in my view being 40 years and above says that our generation has an entitlement issue especially when it comes to work ethics and general attitude towards life.
This has got me wondering….what is the root cause of this entitlement. This illness that has rendered us somewhat useless and causing our elders to stay in offices till 65 plus years. Who gave birth to this kind of generation that feels entitled, who educated them, groomed them and made them to think they deserve so much more for little work done compared to their elders who have worked exceedingly hard for what they have now. Who is this person that has refused to show up for such a poor work done in making sure this generation does not turn out the way it has now….or has it been left to groom, educate and fend for itself while the elders work harder for a good earning. Doesn’t everything come on a silver plate for most people that fall in this category of the entitled.
I am not against leaving a good inheritance for your children’s children but that doesn’t mean we have to feed them on a silver plate, which is exactly what has been done to most people who believe they are entitled. We were made to believe that a bachelor’s degree from the university is the ultimate necessity for maximum reward and guess what…life had more in stock for us than we were made to believe…it does not offer us anything on a silver plate as we thought. And now, producing the same results as we were programmed to do is actually entitlement.
Allow me to connect this to the un parented generation…if that generation did not learn as much as they ought to have learned from their fore fathers…how then could they have taught any better to their children if not only by wisdom from God. He is the ultimate timeless Father of all, who is able to teach every generation on how to live in their time with wisdom, knowledge and understanding on ways that will prosper them for His glory..let’s focus on that entirely!

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