The Freedom

There are various types of freedom that we all can relate too, but this type of freedom is one that may not be thought of easily as it may not be obvious until it so happens that it has been taken away from you.

The freedom to leave home abruptly over the weekend to dash into town and come back.

The freedom to sleep in over the weekends without feeling guilty.

The freedom to stay out long enough knowing and finding tea at the table

The freedom to simply be and not have someone to watch over.

The freedom to come back home and not do anything yet almost everything will be done.

These kinds of freedom and many more unmentioned relate to one thing, if you have thought about it, you got it right, the house helper brings freedom. In Uganda, well known as a house maid or nanny for baby sitting.

For the past one month and a few weeks, the maid at my sister’s home with whom I live decided to one day walk out taking advantage of the fact that I was home and actually enjoying my freedom. Little did we know, she had her own plans which did not include working in someone’s home. She had only stayed for a week prior to her leaving and that marked the seeming end of having maids at my sister’s home.

As time has passed, we have gotten used to the idea and routine of not having a maid to help out at home and somebody is happy about it. I, on the other hand noticed the growing trend of small freedoms being lost as the routine grew on me and that is when I knew the actual reason behind employing a house helper; it is not to do the house chores (because we all are able) but to give you the freedom to do whatever you wanted with ease on the mind that something is being taken care of as far as your home is concerned.

This takes me back to the time when a group of us under a leadership mentoring from Worship Harvest Ministries met with Patrick Bitature, an entrepreneur and business mogul in Uganda. One of the points brought back to mind was when he said that people work harder to get more money because money brings freedom. This is exactly what he meant, we are able to pay house helpers so that we have the freedom to enjoy other luxuries in life however small or insignificant they may seem….it’s FREEDOM!!!!!!!

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