Soulmates and the right person.

This is one topic that had to surely drag me out of months of writing absence, because relationships are a big part of our lives and more so the most important one being marriage for those who choose to get married.

So, there is this belief that soulmates do exist or do they? I wonder what your take on that is. Have you met your soulmate or are you with your soulmate? Over the years I have believed that soulmates do exist (thanks to Hollywood largely contributing to that belief) and years have past with my rigid fact staying intact without letting anyone deter me from what I chose to believe.

This year, as I chose an intentional path towards personal growth with awesome mentors and leaders at Worship Harvest (Emma and Angela Okullo) I realized that I had to keep an open mind towards everything that was going to be taught throughout year. A whole year of being mentored is the best thing that has happened to me so far in this particular area of my life. One of the topics being discussed is relationships, one that gets the attention of almost every young adult not yet married. A very exciting topic it is. That is what got me wondering about soulmates and the right person.

I have decided to believe that there is no such a thing as a soulmate. I have matured and still doing a lot of maturing in understanding how a marriage relationship works and how it has to work. Keep your love on by Danny silk is one of the books that has helped me understand a few things and guided me to my new belief that soulmates do not exist per say, however, the right person does exist by all means. It is from that right person that he/she becomes a soulmate. What does soulmate even mean? Someone with whom you share a soul? Like roommate, housemate etc. It keeps getting deeper for me to fully comprehend where this whole thing started from. That is why a soulmate should be your marriage partner because you become one with the person once you get married.

On the other hand, there are many right people out there from which you can marry one and make marriage a beautiful life partnership but the decision to make the right choice is entirely upon you and you live with your choices till death do you apart.

The King does not run out of noble men to find a suitable mate for His princess! Ladies out there take heart and rest in the fact our Heavenly Father has your interests at heart. Gentlemen, the choice is yours to make from the many available beautiful ladies. The right person is within your reach, it’s a small world!!!!


  1. The bold and beautiful💕 · October 22, 2018

    Cheers to growth 💕💕
    It was a Nice read.

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  2. Miss.Kizza · October 22, 2018

    Bambi email this book asap.

    I agree,the right person becomes the soul mate not the other way round.

    We thank God for growth and maturity in this area

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