Be you.

Wondering what comes to mind when you hear those two words. The first thing that comes to my mind is being myself without hiding anything. The second things that comes to mind is a book written by a friend called Rosalie Ounloyo, fyi, i haven’t read the book yet (shame on me). So now what do these two words really mean in their depth. This is what I have come to understand.

To be is to exist and simply be without anything much done to who you are. You is you- what you are made of, character. So to be you is to search in your inner most and drawing out what you best know to be your true character, what you like & dislike, what best suites you because at the end of the day life can easily suffocate us into forgetting about being ourselves and living life for other people, ie; children, spouses, bosses, relatives and anyother people you know of that people live for instead of themselves.

To be you is to accept oneself without feeling inferior to anyone nor superior to another but content with who you are.

Being you comes with a freedom and love that you get to learn to love who you are before you expect love from other people except for God who deeply and unconditonally loves us even when we do not love anything about ourselves. Being you is truly be-you-tiful.

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