The unsearched

I sit here and wonder what goes through my mind when those words (the unsearched) ring into my head. In this day and age, these words sound awkward because on the contrary, nothing goes unsearched…the internet broke the record of ability to find information about almost everything including people because we empower it through the social media sites we feed with information about ourselves.

That aside, there are things that remain unsearched in this world and their beauty is aching to be known and revealed to the world. These will most certainly always remain silent , poised, and continue to glow in their God given beauty. Like nature, they are still and unmoved because their beauty is not something that the world gave but only God. It is a lonely place for such beauty to remain hidden from the knowledge of many whose world could be made brighter by the very presence of the unsearched things in this world.

We all aught to search for the hidden beauty in all of God’s creation, most especially in the people He has blessed us with as gifts in our lives.

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