Taking stock #1

It’s been seconds! Not your traditional been a minute kind of girl, I like being different and, drawing inspiration from all round sources in life is what makes me different.
Now, as you can see my title speaks for itself but let me give you a little flash back to how I have finally got my guts to try out stock taking even though I may be the last person jumping onto this bus. For a while I read my good friend Racheal’s blogs about taking stock. Find them on her site here http://rachealkizza.wordpress.com and I have always been amazed at how far she progresses. May I mention that she is my inspiration behind starting a blog!!!
Then one day I read a blog of Winnie Malinga (woman of God) at http://winniemalinga.wordpress.com about her taking stock which was detailed to the dot with just enough to make you wonder what you are doing with your life. To say the list I was inspired to take stock but I still did not come through with that thought at the back of my mind.
I have since slept on the thought of taking stock and wondered how & why I should do it. My turn off was most people have done it, so I thought mine would not be any different but I’m reminded that we are all different and unique, so each stock taking is unique to that person. I promised myself to do one for the year and here I am. I have;
Read- Blogs, Articles, Seasons by Pastor M from Kenya (get yourself one), Love’s journey by Agnes N Kirabo, spiritual content on the youversion bible app and most importantly my physical hard copy bible. I had almost forgotten the essence and joy of flipping around pages in my bible, it makes bible study so much fun and impactful compared to reading a soft copy bible – I particularly like this one for version comparisons.
Learned(ing)- That leadership is wide, it varies from one person to another which sounds quite obvious, right? But anyhow, just because someone has the right leadership skills doesn’t necessarily mean that they can lead anywhere – ongoing personal experience. We are build for different environments to exercise our dynamic leadership skills as they are tailored to our uniqueness in character hence I’m now comfortable admitting that I can not lead in some given places of influence because I’m learning to identify exactly where I’m called to lead.
Listened(ing)- To beautiful spirit lifting music all year, specifically slow worship songs that took residence in my mind that I could wake up with songs playing in my mind. Sleeping to soothing music in the night. Learned a few new ones too like Toya by Tim Godfrey among others. More critically I have been intent on listening to God, what he is telling me in every moment and step of the way.
Known- That life in its complexity is worth living. Live it for God only and the rest will place themselves in line with that choice.
Wondered- What it will feel like seeing all my dreams come to pass. Which they will because even I don’t have a complete picture of what all my dreams are because I keep dreaming of better and greater things. Hahahaha! I love dreaming, both night and day, especially day dreaming because my mind is actively involved in creating what I desire.
Watched- Movies and a few series I had dozed off on. I like entertainment so movies are my go to source of entertainment especially Sci-Fi’s. Their unrealistic nature of people possessing super powers of all sorts is really funny and expands my imagination. Really entertaining. Watched my nephews and nieces grow so big.
Worn- Literally black and white in most forms if not all – plains, strips, poker dots, prints. I look back at my closet and wonder how I selected black and white for a choice without even knowing it. I can’t recall a single week to work where I did not wear black and white at least 2-3 times a week.
Wanted(ing)- To own a car. No need to justify this as it is a need more than a want at this point in my life where my public transport costs in a week equate to someone’s fuel consumption with a car.
Wished(ing)- To travel to all my dream destinations as listed on my bucket list for go to places in this youthful life time I have left.
Started- A thanksgiving journal!! I must say, this is one of the best choices I made this year. It is important to keep a thankful heart before God at all times in-spite of what life may throw at us. Even on really bad days where I struggled to see the good in the events of the day, I found something to be thankful for. The mundane nature of working on a routine can robe us of the joy of seeing life differently that’s why thanksgiving helps us see that hidden perspective in a daily routine.
Noticed- How fast life is moving. Is anyone else noticing this? Events literally just happen faster than I’m able to grasp the memory of it. Nephews and nieces growing up, friends getting married, peers having second babies 😕 and me joining the official late 20s club.
Travelled- To Kenya, Athi River on a bus for the first time to visit a dear loving friend Agnes N Kirabo. It was a learning point with a new experience which i enjoyed. A year without a good travel destination is one with a lost adventure.
There is definitely so much more that has happened in my life this year, I will pen-off here for preservation purposes. I can not exhaust it all but all in all, 2019 has been a year of growing in new perspectives and I pray that 2020 is so much more!

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