These times!

Occationally amazing ideas are birthed in me while in the shower!

Looking at the world now, I remain amazed at the ways of my God. In my comfort zone I wouldn’t have ever imagined a time such as this!
A time where leaders are called to show up on the front line more than ever before in their call to lead those entrusted to them by God under their leadership. A time where the need to act as a leader is on a high demand both perceively and actively. The demands unheard and those out rightly  spoken. The demand to come forth and lead!

I have come to realize or rather learn a few things from leading in this time of a pandemic. As we may all know, this pandemic has got the entire world on a wide alert to stay safe. There has been a spiritual awakening in this trying time, a social need more than ever and an economic break down. If you haven’t heard or seen what is happening around us, I suggest you take a trip back to Mars 😁

I am leading a Missional Community group (MC) from my church Worship Harvest Ministries. The essence of these MCs is to go on mission ministering the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to those closest to us – in our families, neighborhoods, work places, etc. These later become your inner most church family where needs can be met one on one through discipleship and celebrating life together.
Now, here I am leading this group of people in such a trying season where we are not able to meet physically for a whole month (depending on when different countries called for quarantine and lockdown) and neither is the church as a whole able to do so for the congregation at large!

Through leadership, I have come to the realization that such times call us out of our most comfortable places. Personally it is consistently having to check on all the people within my care. It may be easy to check up on a really good friend but doing that for more than 15 people requires me to shake my old self off and swim with the tides. This is also a good opportunity  to grow in leadership and relational skills, learning how to use the different media platforms available in this era like WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Zoom etc. All these are front lines for us as leaders to show up on and engage people in order to stay connected.

I now understand what it means and the value of enduring traffic with tiredness from work just to meet a loving group of people to fellowship together in the evening of the day. Getting out the house on a weekend you would much prefer to stay home just to connect with friends and family. Engaging in serving others before self is also much easier than the current situation where we are easily tempted to satisfy our own desires.

Having to remain at the front line of all the social media platforms is interestingly more demanding than enduring all those sacrifices and physically showing up to lead people. This battle ground is certainly good training ground for the future we are yet to face. Don’t waste the training season as a leader! Be your own leader and lessen the demand on those that are leading you in these trying times.

Such times call for resiliance, mental strength and most importantly remaining connected to those that are leading you or peers at the same level and above all connected to God. Arise leaders! The world needs you!

Love Child ❤


  1. angiebeatrice · April 9, 2020

    Awww thank dear, all by God’s grace surely.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kasumbathegirl · April 9, 2020

    Well written Angella. You are a great leader.


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