Little Keeper – the journey

Over the past 2 years, I have purposed to walk on a journey of growth – mainly to understand what life entails when you go to the foundations of achieving a fulfufilled purposeful life. Many of us have big dreams of achieving things in life, we search all round us to find value in what we do to attain purpose and stay on course but life has never promised us such straight forward simplicity.

By nature, we humans are complicated beings and tend to complicate life even the more. God gave us free will and has blessed us with knowledge and creativity on how to maneuver through life around us, just enough to complicate things all by ourselves without seeking His wisdom on how to apply the knowledge and creativity he has blessed us with.

In August 2017, I attended a four months mentorship program for only ladies called New Generation Mentorship Program (NGMP) lead by Noeline Kirabo, an enthusiastic mentor, from whom I still willingly learn. Little did I know, that where my desire to be mentored took me would open up more doors into fully understanding what life entails.

Following into 2018, I signed up for a year long mentorship and discipleship program called Gang (cool name, right?) under Worship Harvest Ministries (WHM). These gangs are various depending on the branch location. My leaders were Emma and Angela Okullo(Mr & Mrs) who still are my leaders through my attachment to WHM. From this I was opened up to more challenging lessons in life, which I have come to appreciate now rather than when I was still undertaking the program šŸ˜Š

It is from these two mentorship programs that I have opened up my mind to draw out the insurmountable inspiration that surrounds me. Basics were laid out for me to forge a reasonable foundation upon which I can begin the journey to finding my fulfilled purpose. For purpose is to be discovered both in the daily, exciting, mundane, monotonous life, through seasons we encounter and ultimately through the vision ahead that keeps you awake everyday of your life so you may see it manifest.

One of the things that keep me alive in this journey I walk is a little keeper, one who receives the daily, weekly and annual inspirations drawn from life’s journey. She receives the most original of thoughts drawn from the deepest part of my soul and allows me to lavish them on her for her to keep. It’sĀ  not a diary (these belong to teenagers), it’s not a journal (these store far more complex things that happen in life – like real life events), it’s a little keeper (my own tiny mind tracker šŸ˜). For sanity to continue, keep track of where your mind is, for it is the battlefield!

With time, I will reveal what she keeps, in the meantime, you just had to know about her origin – birthed on a journey of growth.

Love Child ā¤


  1. kasumbathegirl · April 21, 2020

    Enjoy the journey šŸ˜Š


  2. justynlove · April 21, 2020

    Great of you to Document your thoughts


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