Quarantine series – continued

Glad having you back for an additional snippet into my quarantined world. Check out the first part here https://wp.me/p9AOnp-1l and dive in for the second part.

I am an alumni of New Generation Mentoring Program (NGMP ) run by Noeline Kirabo. This awesome mentor is adding value to us by giving us weekly or bi-weekly assignments that trigger the mind into a growth position. Such include; life maps (my favourite), professional biographies and the latest is core values. Growth is one of my core values so I don’t take these assignments lightly, hence continued growth in lockdown. Check out Noeline Kirabo’s youtube channel for more……….https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjZLqv7Dz8VhLC0BHDDZ35Q

My church – Worship Harvest Ministries is game on, hands down with online involvement during this season every single week. God has been preparing us for this season and the future hence forth since the year started. I can’t begin to fathom – just head over online and witness it for yourself (MC live, Garage online, Victory nite prayer, etc) This church was never on lockdown! Do not give up the habit of fellowshipping together……..https://www.youtube.com/user/WorshipHarvest

Some office work has featured here and there but not much to do since my current work requires me to physically be in office in order to get much done. Unfortunately, that office time was cut out in this season. I thank God for the gift of work! He will bless the works of our hands……

Resting, chilling and self care definately had to show up in my lockdown. Some of the these include sleeping (fortunately I have managed to control my desire for sleep by keeping it to 6 or 7 hours most of the time, otherwise, I’m  capable of 10 hrs of sleep 😁). Others are exercising, listening to music, having family time, and watching movies – not as much as I thought I would watch by the way. Just to mention, being online has seemed like a job in this lockdown with everyone jamming the streets, hence not really a chill in this case 😥 . (We thank the Lord for technology that keeps us connected and doing exploits). Rest is always necessary in order to remain productive………

Final but not least, cleaning, organizing and very minimal cooking 😏. I do enjoy cleaning and organizing things but cooking – not so much I dare to admit. I have cleaned and organized both physically and virtually (deleting unnecessary apps, pictures, videos and old messages that take up space, uploading important documents on my google drive, making lists of books I have read and those I plan to read etc) This has really been a good thing for me which has created some order (especially digital) and knowing where to find what, when I need it. Tedious things to do but worth every minute invested…….

The end……….. Love ❤ Child


  1. 카지노사이트 · May 22, 2020

    You havetouched somefastidious points here. Any way


  2. mugandaisaac · May 4, 2020

    I got stack at the 10 hours of sleep capability…

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    • angiebeatrice · May 4, 2020

      😁😁😁 Isaac, just allow that all things are possible. Thanks for passing by. 😊


  3. angiebeatrice · May 4, 2020



  4. justynlove · May 4, 2020

    Kudos to cleaning and organizing

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