Quarantine series – part one

A lot has been going on, so I thought, oh well, what best way to reflect back on this season than jotting it down. So a whole month has elapsed under total lockdown – well for the majority of us, it’s been so at the very least. One of the common questions I have asked some of my friends has been, what or how are you keeping active during this season? Some are chilling, others are working from home, for many it’s a mixture of things and the majority are really trying to put some productivity into all the time at their disposal. And here are the first 5 things I am or have been doing in this season of quarantine – lockdown – curfewntine!

Diving into the secret place with God like never before! This season presents us with time, what better place to invest my time in most than in God’s presence. I wasn’t  about to let this opportunity with a lot of time pass me by. Reading (analog & digital Bible), meditating (storing) and sowing (speaking) the word! That’s what I’m learning. Seek first the kingdom of God……

Learning to love on people in different ways. This required me to crawl out of my comfort zones. I had to call and text loved ones constantly to check on them. Spending time with my neighbors and knowing their business 😁. This whole thing has made me see how much we are able to think of others before self. For the greatest of these is love……

Being a blessing to those in need. Not all are well off in this period of lockdown, people are in need of food, financial needs to pay for utilities, even those with luxury needs got what they desired 😉 and encouragement needs (emotional needs) just to know that God cares and He is working through obedient and willing people to meet those needs. It’s more blessed to give than to receive…….

Reading books that I had stocked up since time memorial. When it comes to books, my first instinct is to hoard them 😁 then get into the reading part later on. This sometimes turns into months of telling myself to read my well stocked books. So, here came the perfect time to dig in and start reading and surely I will keep on with my resumed habit. Not forgetting those awesome blogs, I have been catching up on those too. Book list includes Live Love Lead by Brian Houston (this is an incredible book – it even made me scream and cry 😂) The Blessed life by Robert Morris (this one brought so much revelation to me I can’t tell you enough) So far those are my two reads in a month. The mind must be your most valued assest……

Well, I signed up for the love affair class with Agnes Kirabo. This is based on a teaching series called Defining the relationship by Danny silk. It is important to know how to love people right and this series helps one understand just how to do that. Bonus – Keep your love on by Danny Silk is an awesome book! Knowledge is power………

To be continued……. Love ❤ Child


  1. justynlove · May 2, 2020

    That sounds a good book by Danny Silk. Please share. Well done with all the generosity you’re doing


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