An Extract of Advice to self

Do you ever get a nudge to look back and reflect on what you have been writing for the past years, months or weeks or is it just me? I enjoy gathering up my old journals once in a while and simply looking back at some of the experiences I have recorded over the past years. Most times it is for self evaluation. It’s helpful to reflect on some of these things – least you stumble on your own advice!!!😊

Writing has always been a part of me since primary school, when we used to keep diaries. I remember making my first diary from pieces of paper plucked from an exercise book, I folded and stapled them into a tiny booklet I could easily hide from anyone to keep my “secrets” safe from prying eyes 😅 least they find their name mentioned in there somewhere. This is so hilarious…….growing up is good.

Fast forward to high school, on top of having a diary, we started using codes (self invented alphabet), now that the diaries were bigger and someone could stamble on it, you still had to maintain high level “secrecy” by using a code alphabet that only you can understand – atleast for the part that matters most in your writting or you risk not being able to read your own words 😁. Interestingly, I still have my code alphabet to date!

And now, since A’level, I matured to using a journal for what it’s really meant for – to record experiences, millstones, dreams, goals, poems too and advice to self!

Almost 3 years down and it still stands!!

Those are some of the things that don’t get to feature anywhere else to the public but this came as a shocker and had to share. Writing is self care for me.

Love ❤ Child


  1. Jaber Jasunga · June 26, 2020

    Beautiful stuff.


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