A Tale of Two months

Genuinely admitting, it all started like a joke because you know, we are Ugandans – happy loving people, so we made fun out of this whole thing believing it wouldn’t come nigh. I remember laughing so hard at each joke one of my collegues at work would read aloud from people’s statuses or sharings in various groups that was related to this whole situation (pandemic) that had engulfed the world. Mostly, people’s unseriousness paved way for all these jokes.
Needless to say, the jokes have never stopped, amidst a storm or crisis, laughter really becomes medicine for the heart. Live, Love, Lead and LAUGH OUT LOUD! The laughing subjects have changed a little over time but talented people know how to draw out good humor even from the worst of situations. God bless comedians!

As the days grew on us and the lockdown became a reality, there are things I have been able to draw out that will serve as reminders that surely we overcame this too.
On one of these quarantine days, I wondered and asked my elder sister “How was the liberation war in the 1980’s any different?” She belongs to that generation that experienced another kind of lockdown under worse circumstances (I pressume) than we face now. I mean, this was a war that left behind dead bodies on the streets, there were straying bullets across the city and rebels invading homes in search of their enemies. (Enough said, I’m no expert on what transpired then) Anyone who has lived in a war torn environment knows that there is more fear caused from fellow humans than a disease spread through human interraction.
They experienced a lockdown with uttermost fear of even stepping close to the windows once bullets started sounding and this leaves me wondering – they survived such a horrible situation, what now?

It was time for me to draw out some lessons from my rather new gained perspective;

1. God is always in control if only you choose to seek Him first in such trying times. When you choose to put God first intentionally and not just in passing, you give Him total control of the whole situation. Then you are guaranteed peace of mind amidst a storm. He is the only source of courage to press forward when you feel you can’t take it anymore.

2. Be selfless when you are strengthened. Reach out and touch a heart, you just may find your miracle therein. In the early days I called up a friend for a casual check up and to my surprise the conversation was so uplifting and unrelated to the current situation that I instead gained more strength. Reach out, don’t hold back.

3. We can do without a lot of things but not people – duh! You realise soon enough that most of the materialistic things have a limit but a home, family and friends are not up for trade. Singles, we shall be fine 😅….in due corse, we have the original families and close friends at least for interaction to keep sane.

4. Having my natural hair is a plus. The only category of people I envy right now are those with dreadlocks and I’m coming for you one day. Those with relaxed hair – I have no words because I have never gone down that road, just wondering how you are keeping up for two whole months – do share.

In love with my afro-hair for 5/15 years I have had it.

5. Having an open mind is essential for adjustment in lifestyle and keeping productive. At first I was disorganised and thrown off track because I am a routined kind of person, https://angiejournals.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/routine/ but by week 3, I soon gained insight, opened my eyes not to stagnate by engaging in different growth spaces online and keeping active with a new schedule in place.

6. With such a world wide hit, nothing is remaining the same. We will have to learn new skills and new ways of doing things around our day to day life. The sooner I get that registred in my head and begin planning on necessary adjustments, the better. I realized that I became more active on all my social media platforms and taking full advantage to relearn how some of these forgotten platforms operate and also learning how other new tools work (zoom, google meetings etc) because the future lies there.

7. The “normal” busy life (that is if you have an 8-5 job like me) has a way of sipping onto our creative time. Time we would rather have used to engage in things we enjoy doing and before you know it, a month has gone by or even a year of telling yourself to get time to write, read or do something that re-ignites the mind. In this period alone, I feel I have done more than my previous efforts. There is definately more thinking than doing time hence investing in my creative time should hold some more priority going forward. Our minds are assets not to be taken for granted!

8. Technology and the online life is the future but not the solution. I beg to differ but last I checked the whole world is now living online, there is so much traffic one can fail to take a breath. I personally had to learn early in lockdown to ceive the content I take in and how long I remain engaged online. I know this new way of life is detrimental to all human health but hey it ain’t going anywhere so the earlier we adjust and choose our priorities right the better chances of remaining sane and connected to what really matters – real human physical interaction.

Love ❤ Child


  1. akpriscapounds66 · May 22, 2020

    I miss the hugs for real

    Liked by 1 person

  2. akpriscapounds66 · May 22, 2020

    Power to us received. We are handling properly with our hair too, weekly washing and simple combing!


    • angiebeatrice · May 25, 2020

      Good to know that you are handling well with relaxed hair. Power to you for sure.


  3. kasumbathegirl · May 22, 2020

    Power to the natural hair people!😊
    Yes, so many lessons this season! We definitely won’t be the same people

    Liked by 2 people

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