Employer’s Watch

Have you had a chance to think about how life will be when we are all back at our work places and things “seem” to have resumed to normal. Will we hug, shake hands or simply greet each other from a distance. In my case, the latter is what was and will remain normal for professionalism to prevail.

The easing of total lockdown in Uganda has taken effect with allowing people to move in their personal cars not exceeding 3 people per car. This brought a thrill and happiness to my soul that was craving and almost grieving for physical human interaction with the rest of the world which didn’t include faces that had become attached to my daily sight seeing.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

However, I’m here to warn or plead for employers about an unforeseen danger they will have to deal with from their employees who will now feel entitled to hold and remain glued to their phones for that daily meal of social media and online connection that the lockdown has been feeding them without restrictions. (Blame it on the future being technology based without a doubt)

In my case, I will admit that I somewhat got used to having my phone around me all the time for whatever reason for 2 months, breaking away from this norm to refocus on adding substantial value to my employer compared to the little work I have been engaged in while away, is now a new discipline I am to exercise.

Employers who have had their employees engage in some sort of work while physically away from their work places have had a test of who is able to deliver under self drive with little to no supervision at all. (The little supervision being simple deadlines set for these desired results) I think this will call for a new era of doing work πŸ‘Œ where employers have to trust that even if I’m on my phone, thy work will get done in time πŸ˜….

Also, result based employment is going to increase as opposed to time filling employment. “Sir/Ms , my work for today is done. May I leave at 1pm to engage in my other life?” πŸ˜ƒ (The kind of statement I envision telling my future employers or hearing from those I will be leading one day) I now understand how people in more developed countries manage to have more than one job – this used to bother my Ugandan molded mind but now, I clearly see it – value addition. (Manage your time)

Now comrades, may we save our leaders this trouble and focus on adding value rather than “occupying time” as a way of employment. I live to see this dream in the corporate business sector and soon we will be fully rewrded for value added and not time spent at work.


  1. justynlove · June 7, 2020

    πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚to adding more value than occupying space


  2. SageViv · June 1, 2020

    Ha ha ha.Nice write up.


  3. kasumbathegirl · May 30, 2020

    Yes. A lot has to change. Hopefully, for the better.


  4. akpriscapounds66 · May 30, 2020

    Am telling you, the discipline it takes to drop a habit that is not beneficial, cheiiiii! πŸ˜€


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