Strong, Independent, Feminist.

I never dreamed that a time would come when I would dare to open my mind and share my thoughts about a topic that has lingered on my heart for years. One that I have had to make better decisions least I’m misunderstood by society. As I continue to mature in mind, I realize I should outgrow what people may think and simply say what I have to say as long as my conscience is clear. Here are my three cents on certain perceptions;

So, this thing about Feminists has been around for a while now and many thoughts have lingered in my head as I have witnessed aquaintences and many other online people who claim to be feminists spill their guts out for their cause. In most cases, it hasn’t rubbed off well with our counterpart, the male being. In the start, I had no problem with feminists because I knew very little and never gave them much of my attention. Generally, I thought these dear women have been called to fight for a worthy cause and bring about a revolution in this era and that’s when I picked interest to know what they are all about. It didn’t take me long to learn of the negative impact on my mind that was being caused by their views and then I disengaged as fast as possible.

Feminists have their roots deep into self centeredness, self entitlement, self righteous, pride, offensiveness towards the male gender and let alone the gender equality uproar which I absolutely think is the wrong approach. (But what exactly do feminists want? I get confused many times) Please note that these same traits can turn up in anyone who is not a feminist because they are general human weaknesses but as of today, they are tagged to this particular matter.

When God lifted up women like Miriam, Deborah, Ruth, Esther and the many that supported Jesus’ ministry, they weren’t trying to fight for their fit in society like our today feminists, they were simply living out their lives’ purpose as called by God and the uplifting happened. Check them out through your own study, it’s an amazing trend of women who impacted their generation through God’s way – not in their own struggle to get a footing in society.

They pursued their rights like the daughters among the Israelites who claimed their inheritance and had huge dreams – to which many could have deemed as mens’ dreams only – but they dared to follow what God had deposited on the inside. They were strong women both in character and in body but never feminists. If you’re a feminist, find your true strength.

I am a strong woman, not a feminist!

Stay tuned for more from my unlocking mind.

Love ❤ Child


  1. akpriscapounds66 · June 21, 2020

    For me, I celebrate the true feminists

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  2. justynlove · June 20, 2020

    🥂🥂🥂to strong women

    Liked by 1 person

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