Embracing you

Many times I struggle between leaving ideas as quotes in my mind tracker….https://angiejournals.wordpress.com/2020/04/21/little-keeper-the-journey/…………or expanding the idea into a blog. As I write this, I experienced the same struggle and leaving it as a quote is easy and exciting because it leaves the readers wondering the depth of what lingers in your mind. But after that, I thought that would be such a disservice to myself and those I desire to impact with my writing. Leaving certain ideas as quotes is good, especially if it brings the message home clearly but on today’s subject matter, I think we need to explore what this mind is up to.

Motivational speakers are fond of phrases like embrace who you are, follow your passion, believe in your inner self and many phrases that sound something like that. I have listened to a number of motivational speakers and indeed there is always a spark to get you thinking on the next move but not so much to get you into action. What gets you into action is a whole other aspect of life. One of them being – finding a mentor to drive you into action, among many other ways.

Today, I face a challenge so common to us all especially in this generation of being torn between embracing fully who you are and falling prey to what others think you should be or what they presumably persive you to be and we top it with icing of comparison. What a cancer! This right here is the cause of many of the mental struggles that hinder us from discovering and living out our diffent purposes and pursuing those purposes fully and live fulfilled. The kings of media have painted such a perfect picture for us and robbed us the reality of what we possibly can become when we truly embrace who we are individually.

Embracing who you are is a phrase we occasionally throw around like it’s something that happens overnight and boom……you wakeup having fully embraced who you are. No, that’s not the case as many of us have come to know, but the point is to understand, have we understood? Leadership has enormous lessons and my current lesson is, understanding what it really means to embrace who I am. Being a leader is one of those positions and roles you don’t run to with open arms because of the many dangers that await you the moment you accept the call to lead. The inevitable one being, the temptation to mold yourself into many versions of what people think you should be because of how the picture of leadership has been painted by predecessors and the community at large depending on the area or territory you have been called to lead in. There are different kinds of leaders in this global village and knowing which kind you are is an uphill task and embracing the kind that you are is yet another mountain to climb. Take the worthwhile tasks.

It’s been two decades and many years of me growing into the person that I am today and yet, here I am, still finding my way around embracing who I am. Knowing your purpose and what you are called to do in life are things we have been taught to discover over time but no body teaches you how to fully embrace who you are except you! It takes knowing what you want out of life and not allowing the limitations of other people’s perspective of you become a stumbling block on your journey. Knowing your character (temperament, strengths, weaknesses, love languages, etc) and what you are designed for through passions, skills, hobbies, dreams and vision is what will ultimately guide you into fully embracing you. Begin by freeing yourself from the imprisonment of what everyone else expects of you and learn who you are deep down and what makes you – you!

That being on the carnal side of the coin, knowing whose you are, where you belong, who called you and who you live for is the other side of the coin into embracing who you are fully. Knowing God and what it feels like to live for the audience of one in his presence alone gives you the boldness and confidence to be unapologetic while embracing yourself because if He dared to choose you, you too can dare to embrace you and find fulfillment in the life you are called to live. You are tailored for a specific, unique role that only your kind can accomplish, so let’s quit comparing ourselves to others and living up to other people’s expectations instead of our own and don’t sell yourself short.

Please don’t misunderstand this to be a vote for self reliance – we are communal beings but knowing yourself seperates you from all the other counterfeits we are slowly being molded into by the dynamic changes in our day today.

Love ❤ Child

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