All blogs are books.

Here is the thing, recently a friend got to read one of my blogs and got back to me in my inbox saying “you should write a book” I immediately became victim of my own words 😁 to my other friends I have been telling to write books after reading their blogs. In my case, I shunned it away (in my mind) wondering what book would come out of my blogs but I also promised him that I would give it a thought.

However, before he told me that I should write a book, in the past few days or so, I had been thinking of what kind of book I would write when I get to writing my first book and here I was being accelerated into the same direction by a friend who has no idea what I had been thinking about. Isn’t God such a divine orchestra of ideas and events?! To me that is one way of knowing He wants me to really give something my attention at the very least and He can do the rest.

I spent quite more time than usual reading some blogs this morning and it was an interesting thing getting into some of the bloggers’ minds and worlds – a small portion of it was all I needed for my mind to begin accelerating this morning. I now think and believe that all blogs are books waiting to be drawn out and presented to the world – not forgetting that it makes a good source of income. πŸ˜‰

With that thought, cheers to all (bloggers) authors πŸ“š in making, I know we can make it. Readers are rising, as I once wrote about writters arising……my first blog.

Love ❀ Child.

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