Taking limits off yourself

We all have probably heard of the saying and preaching that says, take limits off God, don’t put him in a box, he is bigger than we can ever dream of, etc….. all in line with the same meaning, right? As a matter of fact, I really do enjoy sermons on such topics because they keep my mind constantly seeing God for what he truly is least I fall victim of seeing God too small for certain things in my life. It’s a good check point for me. He can do exceedingly above all that I could ever dream of!

So, there was a point I got stranded with what I was called to do in life and things to do with purpose and assignments in life and the seasons we go through. (Which I still occasionally keep questioning and refining by the way) Being human, I definitely began to doubt myself and whether I was really called to pursue such outrageous dreams which I felt so small to accomplish. Let alone the fact that at some point I was looking at my abilities to be able to qualify to achieve such dreams. The whole thought process was discouraging and like a friend once termed it…..I was about to settle for a mediocre life, first in my head and then eventually it would play out. There and then, I heard an instruction, “take limits off yourself.” I did not understand the meaning of that instruction because I never thought I could limit myself in any way because I was doing my best but little did I know that I wasn’t. In my actions, I probably was giving it my best, but in my thought life, I was limiting myself.

The thing is, taking limits off yourself may sound like something simple to any person. It may sound like, change your thought life, be a go-getter, you can do it, all that kind of talk, because honestly that’s what I thought to myself when I received my instruction but later on, as I dug deeper (now probably three months later since I received the instruction) I got to digest bits of what it means to take limits off myself and now here to share the little I have learned along the journey and I’m still learning.

It is true that taking limits of yourself will include positive vibes like – you can do it and you are a go-getter, aim higher and all that kind of language we are already familiar with but most importantly it has much to do with realizing your true nature and potential without anyone having to convince you into it, more like believing in your inner self (the spirit man) that has no limits to what he is capable of doing. It has something to do with releasing all your self consciousness of what people may say as long as you are doing the right thing that doesn’t cause anyone harm. It is coming to that point in life where you know you can do much better than you are offering and you are willing to let it all out. More like allowing the full force of the Holy Spirit to operate through you without restrain or holding back. (a picture of superman rising into the atmosphere with his chest all out 😁)

We have come to terms with taking limits off God but the next limitation lays within us – our will power and how far we are willing to exercise it fully. I know that many insecurities come into play and have largely contributed to self limiting realities, however, taking the baby steps towards taking limits off yourself is worthwhile. It will not be an overnight decision but the process is liberating. I guess the devil is not to blame for everything after all – you have a free will which you can use against yourself or for yourself. When we learn to take limits off ourselves, we realize that the sky didn’t limit the people that made the first rocket, neither should it be anyone’s limit ever!


Inspiration drawn from life’s journey.

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  1. mugandaisaac · September 18, 2020

    Reminds me of Psalm 78:41 – “Yes, again and again they tempted God, And LIMITED the Holy One of Israel.” (emphasis mine)

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