Tacking stock #2

2020 is coming to an end!!!! Hurray and what a wonder it has been.

I resolved to taking annual stocks because I find monthly stock taking a bit of a task and sincerely, some months are a blur to me and I keep wondering what happened along the four weeks. Hehehehe

So here I am with highlights of this precious year coming to an end. A year where humanity has been brought to it’s knees and opened our eyes to so many things and what lays ahead. Dig in and enjoy. I have(been);

Reading– Blogs, Articles on investments, and many inspirational & personal development books (NB: not self help books) and my highlights have been……. Live Love Lead by Brian Houston, The Blessed Life by Robert Morris, The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma, Good morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn, Command your morning by Cindy Trimm and The Secret place by Dale Fife. These are going to my re-read book list.

Learning – That it is okay not to have many friends “intimate close friends” in this case, embracing who I am and that I was made for more.

Listening – To Apostles Moses Mukisa and Grace Lubega among others preach powerful sermons since lock down. And also listening to uplifting soul music especially Overflow by Sinach, this has been my theme song all year. There hasn’t been a day I played it and it did not prophesy to me.

Known – The power of declarations. If it wasn’t for declarations over my life, I really don’t know how my year would have turned out. I think I will write about this one day….hopefully soon.

Wondering – At many things in life but mostly, what the new normal will look like when it has been fully cemented into our brains. (I’m watching one of those sci-fi tech movies in my head right now 😅)

Watching – Does wacthing “zoom webinars” sound right 😂😂 let me just say that ironically I haven’t watched that many movies or TV amidst having enormous lumps of time to myself under total lockdown. So, NSSF webinars and any financial related webinar I could land on has been my hook for gaining more financial knowledge as much as I could. Still on a learning journey.

Webinars – Tech is the engine for this new era!

Wearing – Yellow, Red and Blue most of the time. I now feel like a Ugandan political unifier…..Hehehehehe for some unknown reason, those colors have been on my weekly dresscode since January. I need a new wardrobe ASAP.

Wanting still – To own a car. No need to justify this as it is a need more than a want at this point in my life. Can you imagine I have carried on with this from last year…..surely God has to show up here.

The body shape is the deal.

Wishing – For a mega road trip around Uganda and To travel to all my dream destination places in this youthful life time I have left.

Started– Living alone 😉😉 I never knew that I would enjoy staying alone this much because the thought of it was far from my immediate desires but what do I know, God always knows better. Let me just say, my nest was cozy and this eaglet had to fly out.



  1. angiebeatrice · December 30, 2020

    Thank you dear for passing by. Amen indeed! Happy new year. Can’t wait for when you are back.


  2. SageViv · December 28, 2020

    Amen to our 🚘!!! Happy new year my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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