Tokens of Gratitude – 2

There is always some more to be grateful for…. join me as we continue to give thanks for 2020.

Happy New Year 2021

  • Spiritual parents – Ps. Emma & Angela Okullo👏 for living their lives so exemplary that I desire to emulate aspects of it. Their love for each other and the people around them is one to look up to.
  • Missional Community (MC) family – The year begun while I was leading one (Mpenzi), then I went back to my mother MC (Umoja) and then was birthed into a new one (Jesus’ lovers) 😅 Just to say – We are a movement, don’t get too comfy but love genuinely all family members. There is connection that happens and you don’t feel left behind.
  • NGMP community💪 – I have had Accountability Partners, fellow ladies who dream big. Learning from each other and growing together for market place influence.
  • Mentor – Noeline Kirabo👏 has kept me(us) focused through assignments on the alumni group. she has been deliberate in ensuring this year doesn’t go wasted and indeed, my year hasn’t been wasted a single drop.
  • Strangers I met during Uber rides👋 – We all have something to learn from each other. These are entertaining in a way. You can read more about these in one of my blogs – Strangers
  • Entertainment – Radio in particular 💃. Throughout this year, I felt like I have someone to give me conversation all the time. The radio shows are quite something! Shout out to all radio presenters and to 96.6 Spirit Fm for the Saturday show with Lady Bizo.
  • Growth/progress in life this year.💪 – I have grown Spiritually, Intellectually, Financially and some relational wise. Who knew that 2020 would come with such opportunities of growth – only God.
  • Bucket list goals – I ticked off 2 things on my bucket list, went zip lining at Griffin falls – the longest zip line in Uganda and got myself a small ink mark on my body……hahaha💃💃. Those, I have been wanting to do for a long time and whoop…..2020 presented the chance.
  • My neighbor at home 👍 – Why I’m I being thankful for a guy who is almost never home? 😅 Regardless, I am thankful because he is my first personal neighbor. We also have good conversations when he is around home for like an hour…..hehehe (availability being based on waking hours not sleeping hours)
  • Technology/gadgets/electronics 💡 – Where would the world be without these life easers. I never refuse a gadget, as long as I know how to use it, just pass it over here, I’m the gadget girl. From headsets to washing machines, I love it all. Ps….Birthday presents’ tip.
  • Hope. 🙏 – It is the anchor upon which faith is built and love expressed. At some point this December, the enemy was trying to make me feel hopeless about the future but he failed. Keep hope alive in God at whatever cost.
  • Creativity – I express it through writing, coloring, and threading. Creativity is therapeutic in any way that you express yourself, as long as you are being creative. It is in our nature as humans to be creative. Always take out time to do what fuels your creativity.

Thank you for joining me on this thanksgiving journey. Keep safe, 2021 holds greater things in stock for you. Happy New Year……..



  1. Beloved Feona · January 4, 2021

    It’s been a whole tree with gratitude, amazing stuff. Glory to God for all this, I like your bucket list tick offs🤗🤗
    Happy new year Angie, always a pleasure passing by here.


    • angiebeatrice · January 30, 2021

      Awww Fifi, thanks for passing by. As for the tree……hehehhe. Much appreciated.


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