Tokens of Gratitude

  • Life – The breath of God inside me. To all those that have lost loved ones, may you find peace and hope amidst it all.
  • Divine health – I have not got covid or any terminal illness. To those that have healed from covid, we continue to declare divine health to you and healing from all terminal diseases.
  • Work – I still have a job through which I work for the Kingdom. To those that have lost their jobs, may God open new doors for you.
  • Workmates😊 – These people are there to share life with while at work. May bonds at work become better than just a mere phase of life.
  • Provision – I haven’t lacked a single day throughout the year. May abundance be each and everyone’s portion in their households and lives.
  • Family❤️❤️ – Let me just say, I love these humans forever even in another life, they will still be who they are- my family. I’m your typical family girl, it’s always about family.
  • My sister Lillian😚 – This is my God given guardian angel for life, my perfect replacement for a mother.
  • My nephews and nieces😙 – These little ones (not so little anymore) make my world go Merry.
  • Friends💞 – No name dropping because they are enough who I have enjoyed time with this year. Each friend brings and reveals a new aspect into my life that I enjoy, like and treasure dearly.
  • Mental health – Apart from being overwhelmed “not stressed or depressed” with a lot going on at some point this year (a transitioning), I have been happy and joyful all through.🙏 To those that have suffered any kind of mental illness or disorder or bad experience, I pray you are healed now and receive hope for better in 2021.
  • God, The Father, Son and Holy spirit – It is one thing to know God and yet another learning how to relate with God and experiencing each aspect of Him. It is a beautiful thing. Seek to know and experience God more in your life.
  • Worship Harvest Family❤️ – What would this year have been without this church family. Forever grateful, I’m well planted. Well done to all leaders in this church!
  • Apostle Moses Mukisa 🔥 – I have been privileged to learn directly from the Father of the House of Worship Harvest Ministries, this whole year. All I can say, he is an anointed man taking us places for the Kingdom of God.
  • Apostle Grace Lubega 🔥 – I have continued to learn from this great man of God since 2017 and all I can say is – deep calls unto deep! He has guided me into yearning for the deeper things of God.

Part two loading very soon, let’s continue giving thanks.



  1. mugandaisaac · December 30, 2020

    I suppose food will feature in part 2

    Liked by 1 person

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