The birth of angiejournals

A journey well documented can easily be seen through another’s eye. That is an inspiration quote from my head just seconds ago as I thought of what to tell you about my blog or why I write. What is life and its journey if not to be shared with others and to learn from one another. I celebrated 3 years on wordpress……yippppiiiiii.

A love so untraceable yet inborn – is writing. It is one way I get to fully and openly express my heart to someone, although some expressions are never meant to be exposed on social media or anywhere on the web because of their sensitive nature. I may be chatty to some, but that doesn’t usually get out what is deeply seated and if no one asks, the paper will get the best of it. 😊

I have been jotting, writing and journaling as far back as I can remember (at age 10 most likely) and one day in 2010 while still in high school, I wrote down the words “angiejournals.” At that point it was clear that writing was part of me. Once upon a time, I wrote 3 fiction high school love stories or novels as we called them back then in 2007 but unfortunately a friend lost all my 3 books in one go (The kind of 96 exercise paged books that you attach together like we did with joint books of one subject 😁) and from that day forth I never found the zeal to engage in fiction writing or reading again. A long long time ago my heart got broken!


Then here I was 3 years later, having changed schools when joining A’level, I decided to continue journaling. The name or word angiejournals (as I viewed it back then)  is something I found myself scribbling at the front page of my journal in 2010. My blog now angiejournals is centred around drawing out from experiences that trigger a line of thought and then use that to inspire and share life with lovely souls drawn to the world of readers and writers hence my bio tagline “Inspiration from life’s journey”

I later got to know about blogging through my friend Racheal who had been in the community long before I ever knew blogs existed. I was simply wrapped up in my journals and the thought of never getting to share them with the world was becoming unhealthy for my passion. I’m still on the life long journey to growing and becoming a better writer from all the wisdom I draw out of each of your blogs that I read. Sometimes I get my triggers to write from reading other people’s blogs and relating it to my own life and boom….a blog is underway.

I enjoy reading blogs because I like seeing uniqueness in information from an individual’s mind which google can never offer you directly, one that I have to put an effort to in searching out the message. Blogs and books bear the minds of people to which there is no price enough to cage them.

I hope you draw inspiration from these blogs each time you pass by angiejournals!!!



  1. justynlove · July 10, 2021

    Blogs and books bear the minds of people to which there is no price enough to cage them.

    This is true…

    I love reading too


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