Self realizations of 2020………

As this year dawns on us the blessing of another decade, many have scripted resolutions and content creators have written about them. Unfortunatly for me, I am a simple ordinary girl who just enjoys the art and therapy that writing gives me to jot down extraordinary inspiration.

As 2020 went by and in came January which did not seem so much like a new year but hey…it is a new year either way, I was in a reflective mode and here goes some of the obvious once unrealized self realizations – thanks to 2020 that woke me up.

I really do enjoy solitude in doors and adventure in the wild. I realised that my mind opens up more when I’m in solitude indoors and my creativity is unlocked immensely mostly expressed through writing. Adventure feeds my soul with happiness and freedom to let my wild side out without a care of doubt.

I like dancing alot, dance hall & RnB are my favourite genres for dancing. It’s also a form of workout that I enjoy in the evenings after work. Turn up the music….. I’m always playing loud music. NB: I’m not a pro at dancing 😆

I like audio sermons more compared to video online sermons. For some reason I concentrate better with audio sermons if I’m not attending physically. Thanks to radio, I’m now hooked on audio sermons.

Entertainment of any form especially listening to radio is necessary for sanity when your most company is self. It keeps one going and gives a sense of company, nowonder the elderly love listening to radio all the time. I have a normal radio that I listen to, day in and day out while working chores around the house and it makes chores bareable.

I really do appreciate art especially nature and landscape drawings with color. I realized that though I may not be skilled at practicing it, I express it through coloring. I enjoy to color as the drawing speaks to me, calms my mind and the environment around me.

If I loved sun bathing before 2020, then I love it so much more. I have spent hours under the sun, simply sitting and letting it glaze upon this melanin filled body. Doctors say the sun rays are good for you, don’t ignore that advice between 9-11am.

I am a visionary person by nature I guess, but I have realized I live alot of my life in my head, is that even real. I can literally live in the future with just my mind at work, with every single detail and scenario played out. Imaginative powers are awesome. For this, I need to get out of my head and walk in more manifestation of these imaginations/visions.

This is really a bonus, I have spent 10 months with only 1 visit to the salon and my hair has remained unplaited since. Yikes! I really didn’t know that was possible even with my natural afro hair but well, that’s a pocket friendly achievement.

I believe we all have learnt or realized a few things about ourselves in the past eye opening year. Let’s share our stories with the community.


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