The Power of Words

You probably got that right, it’s that cliché sermon title that I’m going to write about, please tag along…..😁😁

As I was riding on a boda boda (this word made it to the dictionary by the way! 😂 just a hilarious reminder) amidst all the Kampala traffic jam and noise, my mind wondered off to ponder on the staff luncheon party at my workplace which we had just had. I was mesmerized at how my dearest kind employer takes off time each year to write a simple heartfelt note to all the 60+ employees. She does this with such precision, accuracy and with her heart! The reason why I can tell that, is because I am a words person -yep the words of affirmation girl is right here.

Words of appreciation

In that fuzzy boda moment, I reflected back on how much words have impacted my life and warmed my heart. Not to say that I let in all kinds of words because I can easily tell a heart felt word from one that has just rolled off the tongue or mind (for the case of written words) without any sentiment attached but instead written just for the sake of pleasing the ear and not the heart and most definitely negative words are instantly rejected.

When I think of words, I see the creative power behind them and how they actually touch the soul from miles away which physical contact can not do. We primarily use words for all human communication both written and spoken, God spoke the world into existence, He became the word, and His words had to be written so that they can come to life in our journey on earth both for guidance and instruction. Even when making a life commitment to share your life with someone, you use words to communicate your commitment to eachother. What power words hold!

Within the depth of my existence is a little girl who has kept all the high school chits, cards and letters written to me from my friends to-date, when I read those words, they warm my heart to know that in that season and chapter, I shared meaningful friendships with others which had  positive impacts on our lives. The words are there to prove and remind me of such beautiful times in life and I get to relive a moment when I reflect on such beautifully written words.

In life, we can never escape the power that words hold over us. Whether you consider them as one of your primary love language or not, that’s just a matter of nurture and not nature. Our nature is manifested in words, for that you will have to accept as truth.
I love words!!! What has been the impact of words in your life?

Words that melt my heart.



  1. Marion · March 15, 2021

    Great piece,, my prayer may we always say words that are of love.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mozemozey · March 2, 2021

    The magic in your blogs Angie. Words of affirmation… Feels like you’re speak in my mind


    • angiebeatrice · March 3, 2021

      thank you Mozey, Blessed to know that my blogs have such an effect.


  3. SageViv · February 21, 2021

    Ohh wow your boss!!! I love words too!! The positive ones leave me melting like butter hitting a hot pan! And I am learning to ignore the negative ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    • angiebeatrice · February 22, 2021

      Viv, she’s such a sweet lady. She inspires me. You know, words are just so impactful.

      Liked by 1 person

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