Never called to SETTLE

Settling is a familiar word to humanity since the days of our forefathers and definitely during these times of modernization. Why don’t you settle? I just want to settle down and live my life. Those are some of the most common phrases or question we always ask our peers, friends, relatives and maybe ourselves too and I now realize that living life and settling shouldn’t be in the same sentence. How do you live and at the same time settle? Life is always in motion, hence not a characteristic of settling.

Most commonly, the word settling “in our generation” has been tagged to getting married and a few times to getting a comfy job you can grow old at. These two areas of our lives being the most important right after one’s salvation means that they are to be given priority. They have the ability to mislead or guide you into fulfilling your life’s assignment and purpose.

So, back to settling. Lately, maybe a few weeks back or a month, that word caught my inner attention – the kind of attention you give your own thoughts and decide to dig deeper, and the more attention I gave it, the more I started hearing people use the word settle down. (Talk about the power of the mind – As a man thinketh, so is he!)

When you think about the word settling, it has a connotation of one having arrived at their destination and all they need to do is settle in and there is nothing much left to do, but when you think about eternal life, there is nothing close to settling in heaven because there will always be ongoing work for the glory of the most high God. Allow me share my thought that settling will have a negative impact on anyone who thinks getting married or getting that dream job is a form of settling.

When you choose to settle in life, you don’t get anything accomplished, hence remaining mediocre and insignificant. Therefore, whether to  marry and/or pursue a career path, choose never to settle but instead be well rooted and keep advancing at every stage in life. We are not called to settle! This is yet another mind set I have chosen to depart from going forward.

If our creator God almighty is always at work, why would you want to settle?
PS; Settling is still a normal English word that we should use for the right reasons.😉



  1. justynlove · July 10, 2021

    I have learned that I should keep advancing


  2. Ezee · June 29, 2021

    Oh wow ❤️❤️ loved every bit of this. I affirm that I will never settle in this life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marion · March 15, 2021

    …l need to be deep rooted instead…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Marion · March 15, 2021

    Woow,,awesome…..l like the mind set,, l need to deep rooted, ready to always grow, on the move not just settling…. great piece


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