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In these days, it doesn’t take long or the slightest effort to really know what’s buzzing if you keep tabs with your social media feeds and friends, especially colleagues at work😁. That’s where the real news happens for me. Just come out of the cave and go online, then you will be enlightened at the slightest effort to search for information.

There are two words – Self care/love. They soon became the chorous of lockdown in 2020 and have maintained a decent note all the way into 2021.
Now, I’m a top encourager and practitioner of self care/love, but what it’s being turned into is what has brought me here. It has triggered my mind to defy the in-settling norm (by the way, I’m learning not to normalize things, nothing is normal as long as change is a constant)……thanks to Covid and all the mental awareness that comes with it!

Generally, I enjoy blogging about things that have to do with mindsets and things people are conforming to. You could check out some of my previous blogs like……#fear or concern, FOMO and side hustles, Never called to settle, Strong Independent feminist, among others to come.

Of self care/love……this is what I see happening. To begin with, self care/love is good and Biblically advised because we are instructed to “Love your neighbour as you love yourself” so basically without self care/love, it is difficult to love others as Jesus commanded us because you can not give from an empty cup. This is a time when you rejuvenate your spirit, soul and body in a positive manner while engaging in things that benefit in order to give back to others with positive impact.

On the other hand, this is what the world of canality has turned it into – self care/love being viewed as a time to indulge oneself in activities that only serve self and not others. Many are being told to carry on with activities that instead make them focus on the wrong things. Too much emphasis is being put on self which posses a danger of brewing selfishness and self centeredness within individuals. Some of these activities are not bad but too much indulging is never good to maintain focus on what matters most – worshipping God and serving others.

On a concluding note, I encourage you to take self care as a priority in  moderation while doing the right thing. Beware not to turn out self centered while self caring.



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  2. Arthur Emoru · July 13, 2021

    The best self care is to cast the care to the Lord


  3. justynlove · July 10, 2021

    Beware not to turn out self centered while self caring.



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