The thing about blogging

Hello there, yes you are back and I’m happy to have you here…..
I have learned some tips from fellow bloggers and realized that it is good manners to great your audience before entertaining them with my ever growing life inspirations.

You see, if you are a little bit like me, inspiration mostly strikes me while I am in the shower. So, as I was taking my maiden bath today, my mind started speaking and could not leave me to enjoy the refreshing bath. I literally wanted to jump out and come here to just say something for your amusement or inspiration. Nway, off we go……

The thing about blogging is that it is where I find my voice clearest. As a growing leader, I find it terrifying to stand before multitudes and speak. Well, it’s not that I will never grow into that art of public speaking but while we are exercising how to overcome stage fright, this platform right here gives me a clear and loud voice. At least I don’t have to worry about prying sharp eyes that don’t kill. Yet while on stage, the eyes of the multitudes are scary even when many seem inspired by what you could be saying, but in the meantime, I prefer your eyes on my written words and not the movement of my lips, least I tremble and fall off the stage.

Basically, I find that these streets give a voice to those who don’t know how to speak yet. A chance to be heard and understood without being shown facial expressions of disapproval or being booed……hahahaha I just imagined the worst, never mind that it could actually happen or never. On here, the reader who disagrees simply moves on to the next room with a person they can agree with, without much haharing. I am also given a chance to express myself freely to the point of being naughty if I wish and on the other hand, you will also maintain the same image you have of me in your mind. That is the thing about blogging.

It is on days like these that I get to write in one hour what I could have written in months. I get to release many articles with ease what could have taken me longer but again, I get to post them later on to keep your company with me.


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