Awareness and Transformation

I really don’t want to go into dictionary meanings for those two words because Mr google is everyone’s best friend. Lately I have been pondering on the distinct difference of the two words even though I actually didn’t ask Mr google their meanings. I just know they are different according to my understanding and education.

So many people are aware of what is happening all around the world but unable to cause any transformation to the world around them. It is one thing to know so much about everything yet you can do nothing about what you know.

A few days back, a friend was telling me about all sorts of things that I was least concerned  about but because this person is my friend, I gave them a listening ear which I always do but they didn’t get my full attention, I think that is more like hearing and not listening. After that short conversation, to which I contributed very little, I was left wondering what all that awareness was for if I wasn’t going to do something about it.

Personally, I find it very frustrating with time when I gather so much information and I am unable to apply it in any area of my life at that moment. This reminds me of all the relationship talks, advice, conferences bla bla bla that I keep attending but never applying the gained knowledge, very frustrating at times but I know it will come in handy one day.

On the brighter side though, it is not bad to gain knowledge and gather information that you may apply some day, I simply prefer information I can apply in my daily life and not just wait for “some day”. Awareness that doesn’t lead to transformation is wasted information until you are able to use it. Get awareness and let it transform you and your environment.


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