Taking Stock #3

Fellow readers and bloggers, I salute you for completing yet another year by the grace of God. As it is a custom in my territory, I am here to rewind on what my 2021 looked like.

I haven’t been on these streets in like for ever but that doesn’t last forever because this art runs deep within me, that is journaling, writing and anything you may call it.
Now, of 2021, I had something in mind at the dawn of this decade. I wasn’t so thrilled about the new year but I was determined to accomplish one specific goal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to because life took a different turn and God had totally different plans for me from what I thought I needed. His plans are always for good, we only need to align with our words to his word.

It has been such a tough year and I will do my best recollect my experiences through the months………come rewind with me what 2021 has been like in my shoes.

January; I was hopeful and determined to take on a leadership class from Harvest Institute ie HI SOL. I embarked on the journey and was up to the challenge it presented. I encourage you to join next year, it’s worth it. 💪

February; Gaining momentum for the year, fully engaged in accomplishing my one goal for the year. Life presented a clear path for me in 2021. I was happy.😎

March; The unimaginable happened and my life took a sharp twist with the death of one of my elder brothers….find out about it here https://angiejournals.wordpress.com/2021/05/06/for-such-a-time-as-this/…. None the less, I continued to pursue my goal. It all seemed like a bad dream that wouldn’t go away.

April; The real nightmare started. The reality and magnitude of the responsibility my brother left on my shoulders started to weigh in. Fear gripped me like never before. Like I said, it was a nightmare but God carried me through. My life was in constant danger with threats from my enemies who wanted me dead because of my inheritance.

May; The battles became real, I was battling all sorts of things both spiritually and physically. I didn’t know what my life was about anymore except for the battles I was fighting. Take note, I was still engaged with my leadership classes.

June; Breath of fresh air amidst the storm, I changed my environment and shifted house because the environment around you matters so much when dealing with certain battles and storms around you. I regained focus of what I was dealing with. I needed the rest and the 2nd lockdown also happened.

July; The reawakening happened, God sent me a divine helper. We war was still on but the battles had taken a back seat until this helper saw to it that the battles be fought and won. It was strategy formation time! In this time, I started leading a Missional Community again as is a requirement for my leadership class at Harvest Institute.

August; It was the most draining month of the year, I was exhausted and wanted to give up on almost everything but giving up isn’t an option I was about to take. However, I had to let go of certain responsibilities that were also very demanding. Before I did that, I had school, leading an MC, handling company issues and my job, which were all very demanding on a constant. I was stretched to my limit and needed to rest.

September; It was time to let go and focus on one thing at a time, I dropped out of my leadership class and stepped down from leading an MC. I was then left with my job and dealing with resolving company issues. On and on we battled with the Lord as our defender making us victorious every step of the way.

October; All hell broke loose, it was stressful to the epitom. The company took a shaking of which we are still recovering from. My family is my biggest support given to me by God. Someone wanted me to be arrested concerning company issues but God being my Father, he was there to see me through it all. God is my vindicator!

November; Well, what I can say is, the bible states it clear that the enemy falls into the traps that he lays for us. Yes, the traps laid out for me started to take in their maker. Only God can do such a thing. I can smell my final victory closer than when we first began.

December; With God by my side, I have fought the battles and we have been victorious. The war is already won in Christ Jesus and I feel warn out. Momentarily, I have failed to dream or plan for next year. When I search my mind, it often bounces off a wall. Usually I have my new year’s calendar ready and filled in by mid December but this time round, my mind just can’t conjure what I desire/plan to do next year. I guess it will be a year of rest from this war once it’s completely over. This year’s experience has pointed me to look at the life of Christ and I found some solace in it all. There is still hope, I haven’t lost track of the vision and dreams God has entrusted me to carry.

Song of the year – Goodness of God by Jenn Johnson.

L❤ve Child


  1. justine love · January 1

    We thank God for your victory and life

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