Why get married early?

Now dear fellow ladies, looking at my own life as an example which does not speak for everyone, allow me use myself as the general case study.
My Pastor, now Apostle Moses Mukisa once told us in #Gang2018 that we have to get married early because the older we grow, the more we get set in our ways and the harder it becomes to adjust to living with another human being as a spouse. By then I was in my mid 20s and I paid much attention to that statement hoping it will never happen to me. Here we are – me, myself and I, still very happily single and waiting for “prince charming” .

As the year was coming to an end, I pondered on Apostle Mosze’s words and then I realized that the more I get set in my ways, the room of adjusting to a spouse whose ideas and ways will be different from mine grows smaller by the years.

For example there are simple things that we get set in our ways like the furniture we like, the gadgets and electronics we use around the home, the things we like and don’t want to ever do without around the house, we keep acquiring more “things”  that build onto our customized life while diminishing the space that will allow us to adjust to another person’s lifestyle.
Then we get set into more complex things like deciding the ideal area to live in depending on family, work, proximity to town and the way we generally make decisions and so on goes the complexity and before we realize it, we can’t tolerate another person’s opinion as an option. It all gets more self centered as opposed to adjusting and accommodating others in our lives.

Given all the above, those are some of the reasons I support young adults who choose to stay in their parents’ homes until they either get married or choose when to leave. There is no law against a 30 year old living at their parents’ home. Just a by the way note 🙃

So, what am I getting at here? Not all hope is lost, I mean getting married in your 40s+ is good (He who finds a wife finds a good thing) because God is faithful, getting married in your 30s is even better, although I believe getting married in your 20s is best because of the time left to mature and adjust your life while living with a spouse.

However, the grace of God is sufficient for all seasons of life. There is no rule of law here, like I said, this is based on my life experience and doesn’t pass for every one but one can pick the wisdom therein.
Above it all, God is ultimate, trust in him completely because he made you and his plans for you are to prosper you and not harm you, to give hope and a future!

Love ❤️ Child


  1. conniedia · January 22

    Above it all God is ultimate Indeed. For some of us we shall cross the bridge when we get there 😂😂😂😂😂 because even then what if it’s not happening….. About staying home we need to encourage this more people accumulating debts just ….

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    • angiebeatrice · January 22

      Yes Connie, I totally get you….. I feel like this generation needs a regeneration in some matters.


  2. Racheal · January 22

    Hahahaha!! Very interesting perspective. I support young adults moving out of home and living on their own for a whilw before marriage sets in. Its a beautiful journey of personal growth and awareness. Who says that when you stay home,you don’t get set in your ways? No matter the space you are in-family home or personal space,you will be set in your ways. For the family home peeps,you have your family values and the personal space ones-also have their own aquired values. But all in all, God is the ultimate,two people get together and make things work by the grace of God.😅

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    • angiebeatrice · January 22

      Ray, I always love our diversity in perspective…… 😂
      Honestly, you are right, we are both right and this generation will offer us the later rather than the former…. Times have indeed changed.

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      • Racheal · January 22

        hehehehe…times have changed indeed. Thank God He never changes. We go through the different times and seasons with a constant God. That is what matters most.

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      • angiebeatrice · January 22

        Very true!

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    • Onyinye Udeh · January 23


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