No Man is an Island

Yeeeeeehhhhhh….. I’m happy you are reading this, now allow me share with you something I have learned or observed yet it’s so obvious. Hehehehe

Anywho, we are here for the second capital from the 5 Capitals of life. Relational capital!!!!!!!
Just like the title says it all, God didn’t create man to be an island, I guess that’s why he made islands. 😂

So as human beings, we were created after his own image. And that image is relational, God is a relational person hence we take after his nature by default. I bet no human really enjoys being alone…. Yes even “introverts” like company. (Just a reminder that temperament is not permanent! There is a book with that title which I am going to read 😜)

Under relational capital, we see various kinds of relationships like dah.. family is obviously the first one by the mere fact that you were born, but not everyone has one, that’s a sad ironic fact. Then we have friends, colleagues & neighbors and guess who….strangers!!! 💃🏽💃🏽

Those four categories make up the relational capital in my understanding and if well utilized you will find that it adds to your wealth. Relationships come second in importance of what really matters in life. Invest in relationships!

To be honest, while I keep writing these blogs, I realize how much I’m speaking to myself too and where I need to improve in any given capital. This isn’t the end……

Catch you on, No man is an island 2. Cheers 🥂



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