Human Complexities

I have to a certain point enjoyed acquiring knowledge of some of the complexities of human nature such as Temperaments (Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric) Love languages (Words of affirmation, Quality time, Touch, Gifts, Acts of service) Blood groups (A, B, AB, O) among countless human philosophies backed up by some facts in science that make people think that this is all true, well…..they are facts. Those top three have been my all time favorites but there is a difference between facts and truth…..with due respect to all research done out there tirelessly, the truth is never researched but rather known while facts are what people are always looking for tirelessly to validate their efforts and beliefs.

In a lifetime, I could never be able to exhaust all the things we have been made to believe in, even as Christians. These beliefs have largely contributed to our thought patterns and some people are now unable to unlearn the deception within human philosophies. This is majorly caused by the inability to counter the philosophies with the truth of God’s word and for others that have been able to do so are deemed ignorant by those spiritually ignorant. What am I driving at here?…..Let’s see

One thing I do believe is that God has given us knowledge to discover and accomplish many things which we are able to use in our era of technology and science and the same God has given humans knowledge to study and discover the scientific make up of countless things but the God who created it all can defy it’s make up and create a new thing all together. He doesn’t bow to his creation but his creation has to bow to him.

To unlearn such complexities, you need to dig deeper into the word of God and know the creator of all these things we seem to believe in. It is good to know these things but even better to know that God is above it all. The only temperament, love language and blood group you are to have is Christ!
He was melancholic when he withdrew to spend time alone with the father, sanguine when he went to the wedding at cannan, phlegmatic when he let the little children come to him, and choleric when he told Peter “get thee behind me satan”
He loved words of affirmation from the father when the angel came to comfort him, he definitely was a quality time person with his disciples, he was a person of touch when he sensed a touch from the bleeding woman, he received gifts at birth and when the Holy Spirit came down upon him, he served and was served when the prostitute washed his feet with her hair and perfume. Therefore, there is no better blood group than group C 😆

What I’m driving at here is that we humans have severely complicated our lives to the point of making it hard to live our lives with freedom in the truth and power of God’s word being elevated above our self created philosophies and limitations. Are we all created unique and different? Of course we are, although that shouldn’t make us create unnecessary boxes around our lives because in Christ we are one creation.


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