Fear or concern

Fear and concern, which is which?

Of late, if you are keen to notice- that’s if you are living around kampala in uganda, there has been rounds of messages going on via social media platforms especially whatsapp. This has not spared fellow Christians forwarding these messages that are contrary to our faith.

Yesterday, Wednesday the 28th of February, I was in my Missional community fellowship where one member encouraged us to pray for our country and more so our city. She went on to question why we waste time to forward these messages instead of praying about the situation. “It’s a waste of time to forward the messages, it should stop and instead we pray about it”, she told us.

It is now that am thinking deeply about what she said. Yes we should pray about the situation instead of forwarding the messages but again I wonder, how would we know what to pray about if someone did not forward those messages. However, I equally feel that it is wrong to forward the messages if I am expected to respond better than the rest – am left puzzled at that junction.

You must be wondering what the messages are about, well these are the kind that warn you about how thugs, kidnappers and muderers are using different tactics to harm fellow citizens. Others are are actual messages of missing persons and the murdered ones. So in this case they are either elaborating an incident or telling you about how the thugs will do it.

Two things here – fear and concern are both at play but they are different. In my opinion, fear is faith on the reverse. Believing that the bad will come to pass. On the other hand, I believe concern is taking caution(being mindful) without believing for bad to come to pass. So I now wonder, should we or should we not forward these messages, because at the end of the day, we may cause fear from a point of concern. And if we choose to ignore them and pray, God forbid that someone we know and could have alerted falls victim. Where does this leave us.

Many like myself will read and not forward the messages and declare God’s protection over our loved ones. It’s a trying situation but I urge us to be concerned without letting in fear into our hearts.


  1. Miss.Kizza · April 12, 2018

    I agree with you….prayer either way for our country because we know whats going on and God reveals much more in prayer


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