Somebody take me back to 2019. No, it wasn’t my best year yet, nothing magical happened there, wait a minute, actually I think something miraculous was happening there but I missed the memo. Something only I probably felt and was in my little hopeful wonderland yet the case was different on the other side of life altogether.

I missed the memo that what was happening in China then was going to be a world pandemic. That right there proves the word of God to be true, so it really shouldn’t be news to an awakened christian.

I missed the memo that I was soon to be disappointed to the point of heartbreak. Hmmmmm speaking of heartbreaks, emotions are good for a purpose but can also be very deceptive. Always question your emotions and use your brain and ask the Holy Spirit.

I missed the memo that my brother would pass on to another life. This was/is devastating but we learn to live on strong though broken, we still color the world around us.

I missed the memo that I would be left with a huge responsibility after his passing. There is nothing that matures a person in HD mode with rocket speed like responsibilities that fall on your shoulders literally overnight. Coming along with decisions that have the power to decide the fate of another human being……cheiii, I wonder how people get the courage to abort babies, I feel like I’m about to abort something myself.

I missed the memo that I would start a new life staying alone, a life of yey and ney. I like having family around me but I am not your biggest people person. Maybe I’m just home sick while 8kms away. I should probably walk there in this lockdown. I really miss home! (Don’t blame me for being the baby of the family, we never outgrow being adult mature babies 😂😂😂)

I missed the memo that lockdown would ever happen, let alone the second time, hopefully not the third time and that I would have two different experiences. A bitter sweet experience of sorts.

I missed the memo that life would change completely, although change is a constant we never pay attention to. I wonder why change mostly takes us by surprise and we tend to fight against the inevitable.

I missed all those memos from 2019 prior to today, but one memo I did not miss was to stand on God’s word, to spend time with him, to seek him more and more and to trust him through and through that he who began the good work in me will bring it to accomplishment and all things work together for my good.

I will “Never Give Up” “For a Bright Future!” (of schools and mottos) Take your children to schools that have some meaningful mottos…….😆😆 Till next blog friends…….


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