While growing up, in the 90s ofcourse (the best time to be a child😆), certain words like maturity were viewed as an insult (atleast amongst my peers) because all we desired to be was to be young and not mature, however, we all desired to grow up because we saw grown ups enjoy many benefits that were denied to youngsters like us back then.

Now that I have grown up, I have learned that maturity is a whole other side of the same coin. We all grow up but not all people mature……duh, I bet you knew that already 😛 but most poeple think they are mature yet that’s not always the case. I have only resently begun to mature myself, I was just an adult enjoying my life in the single lane, not yet on a double lane though but more life experiences have led to some maturity so far. Like increased responsibilities as I grow up.

I just realized I am going to tell you a bunch of facts about things that are so obvious so I lost my trail on this blog……😅😅

Meanwhile, I wrote this in July and forgot about it in my drafts……🙆🙆 then my reminder to blog went off and I decided to visit these streets once again and there we were seated in drafts…..

Stay tuned for more!!!


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