Routine. ☺

This is one word we are all well versed with and know what it means – doing the same thing in the same order repeatedly every other day, week, month etc. So today I particularly appreciate what a good developmental routine is doing for me. May I add that a routine is there to serve your purpose or goal, if it’s not, drop it and adopt a new one!

On Sunday 9th June 2019, my phone was stolen from one of the places I presummed to be safe atleast for a minute, only to return and boom it was gone. All procedures were taken to confirm it’s disappearance and the new owner had the audacity to answer one of my friends’ call to let the person know I was not with my phone. That aside, long story short – what has a stolen phone got to do with routine? Almost everything in this case.

Mobile phones are not just phones in today’s era, they are mobile mini computerised devices. When you are used to relying on your phone to do much of your daily routine work – alarms, reminders, notes, calender, cameras, apps!, and definately communication, you soon realise how much you almost can’t do without it, but developing a good routine that is stored in your brain is a good way to cop in the time of loss.

I find that I have actually been able to continue with my daily life on a normal because of routine, that is majorly constituted by keeping time, being reliable, and consistent. Once I glance at the clock….I automatically know what I’m supposed to be doing at that very time, yet on the other hand, the mobile device would have acted as a hinderance to achieving that goal at some point if I decided to get glued on social media

Having a developmental routine will save you wasting resources like time (most valuable of them all) and will keep you on track with results and eliminating idleness. Get yourself into a routine – not a ridged one that you can’t have some fun but rather one that keeps you on track with day to day life and achieving those small goals.

Angie- the Love child


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  2. Miss.Kizza · June 14, 2019

    Sorry about your phone


  3. Miss.Kizza · June 14, 2019

    Girl, mobile phones are everything in our generation. I feel your pain. Totally agree, routine is important and I have my own that keeps me on track in life.


    • angiebeatrice · June 15, 2019

      You know….how these tiny things just turn out to be so important. Eeiiish


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